Pope Offers Handy Tips for Preparing for Confession

As Catholics prepare to go to confession during Lent and before Easter, a new booklet Safeguard Your Heart helps Christians “confess well”. As Catholics are encouraged to make going to confession a significant part of their lives during Lent, Pope Francis last fall offered some quick tips to help people prepare for the sacrament of […]

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Pope Grants Interview about His Safety, Politics…

Italian journalist Alver Metalli and Jose Maria "Pepe" di Paola of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They interviewed the Pope.

A religious procession, a brainstorm session and a few glasses of wine led a group of residents gathered in a shantytown on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to come up with a plan to interview Pope Francis. It was a warm, Southern Hemisphere’s summer night in January when folks sitting in the church courtyard […]

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Two Years After Resigning, A Healthy Benedict Has “No Regrets”

Archbishop Oscar Romero, killed in 1980.

In an interview with an Italian newspaper, Benedict’s personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, says Benedict believes his decision to resign two years ago was “necessary”. Retired Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has never doubted or regretted his decision to resign, knowing it was the right thing to do for the good of the Church, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, […]

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Bischop Scicluna Returns

Vatican's UN ambassador Monsignor Silvano Tomasi speaks with former Vatican Chief Prosecutor of Clerical Sexual Abuse, Charles Scicluna (right).

Pope Francis has named former top prosecutor, who left Rome in 2012 to become a bishop in Malta, to head a new Vatican board for clergy abuse appeals. Pope Francis named the Vatican’s former chief prosecutor of clerical sex abuse cases to head his new doctrinal team dealing with appeals filed by clergy accused of […]

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Francis: Become “Islands of Mercy”

Pope Francis during one of his audiences.

In his message for Lent 2015, Pope Francis urges all Catholics to “make your hearts firm” in “the sea of the world’s indifference”. Christians are called to overcome apathy, discouragement and pretentions of self-sufficiency by letting God enter into their hearts, making them joyful, merciful and strong, Pope Francis said. Through prayer, charity and humility […]

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Those Persecuted for the Faith Are “United in Bloodshed”

Pope Francis passes a statue of Santo Nino, the Holy Child Jesus, in Manila, Philippines on January 18.

On January 25, in a homily at the end of the Week for Christian Unity, Pope Francis said Christians are united in bloodshed when they die while bearing witness to Jesus. Christians are united in bloodshed as they suffer from violence and persecution in various parts of the world, Pope Francis told Christian leaders. Today’s martyrs […]

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Boots on the Ground in Nigeria

A young girl displaced as a result of Boko Haram's attack in the northeast region if Nigeria.

A Nigerian bishop has called for Western intervention to stop the insurgent Islamic group Boko Haram, whose attacks have left 11,000 dead… Underlining the failure of the Nigerian government to stop the violent rampage of Boko Haram, a Catholic bishop has called for Western military intervention. The Muslim militant group’s increasingly deadly assaults and expanded recruitment from […]

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Vatican’s Diplomacy Plays Key Role in Thawing U.S.-Cuba Relations

March 26, 2012, in Piazza Antonio Maceo, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba: Holy Mass celebrated by 
Pope Benedict XVI on the 400th anniversary of the finding of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

After years of patient efforts, including historic visits to Cuba by Popes John Paul II and Benedict, the Vatican’s diplomacy plays a key role in improving US-Cuba relations. Now what? Pope Francis expressed his joy over the historic turning point in U.S.-Cuba relations as the two countries agreed to restore diplomatic ties after half a […]

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“Evolution, Big Bang, Do Not Push Aside God”

Pope Francis.

Pope Francis sparked controversy recently with remarks to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on the origin of the universe and the theory of evolution. His remarks in context. The “Big Bang” theory and evolution do not eliminate the existence of God, who remains the one who set all of creation into motion, Pope Francis told […]

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Francis outside the Vatican

Pope Francis meets the leaders of other religions and other Christian denominations at the Catholic University “Our Lady of Good Counsel”

On First Trip to a European Country, Francis Moved to Tears Two survivors of Albania’s communist crackdown against the Church brought Pope Francis to tears with their stories during a vespers service in Tirana’s cathedral September 21. “To hear a martyr talk about his own martyrdom is intense,” the Pope told journalists on the papal […]

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Francis Reveals Top 10 “Secrets to Happiness”

A smiling Pope Francis takes a “selfie” photograph with young people in St. Peter’s Basilica.

In an interview published in part in the Argentine weekly Viva on July 27, Pope Francis listed his “Top 10” tips for bringing greater joy to one’s life: 1. “Live and let live.” Everyone should be guided by this principle, he said, noting that there is a similar saying in Rome expressed as, “Move forward […]

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Francis and Hilarion United Against War

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of World War I's beginning, Pope Francis issued a cry against war.

It’s time to stop war, fighting and conflicts, which do nothing but kill and maim, leaving children unexploded ordnance for toys and lives without happiness, Pope Francis said at the end of July in a dramatic Sunday noon appeal from the window of the Apostolic Palace. “Never war!” he said. “Never war! I think most […]

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Pope Francis new attitude to the Roman Curia

Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, a member of the new Council for the Economy of the Holy See, with Pope Francis.

Pope Francis told his new economic oversight council that it must be “courageous and determined” in its critical role of helping the Church not waver from its real mission of bringing the Gospel to the world and helping those most in need. The Church has a duty to use its assets and manpower responsibly in […]

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Cardinal Kasper’s proposal sparks controversy

A family attending mass.

Jesus said of divorce: “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” For the Church, therefore, marriage, if real, is “forever,” indissoluble. Yet, divorce has become increasingly common. In this context, at the request of Pope Francis, Cardinal Kasper has made a proposal… Kasper’s Position: “The Doctrine of the Church Is a River that […]

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Vatican Accepts Resignation of Germany’s “Bishop Bling”


Under this Pope, the push for coherence of life — to live according to Christ’s Gospel, not simply preach it — is causing many, including bishops, to rethink their lifestyles… The Vatican has accepted the resignation of a German bishop who was at the center of controversy over expenditures for his residence and a diocesan […]

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“Bless me, Father”: Pope Leads by Example, Goes to Confession

A priest hears Pope Francis’ confession during a penitential liturgy in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican March 28. Pope Francis surprised his liturgical adviser by going to confession during the service.

Pope Francis did it again. On March 28, unexpectedly, as a Lenten liturgy was taking place in St. Peter’s, he decided to go to confession himself, and knelt to confess his sins… Leading a penitential liturgy in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis surprised his liturgical adviser by going to confession during the service. After an […]

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Pope Closes Year of Faith, Venerates Apostle’s Relics

Mass in St. Peter’s Square for the closing of the Year of Faith on November 24.

On Sunday, November 24, Feast of Christ the King, Pope Francis closed the “Year of Faith.” He also, for the first time, ordered the relics of St. Peter, found beneath the main altar in the 1940s, to be placed on public display for veneration. Pope Francis closed the Year of Faith by calling on people […]

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Satan Tricks People into Being Selfish

Payback with Satan is rotten as he pushes people to be loveless and selfish, finally leaving them with nothing and alone, Pope Francis said in a recent morning homily. “Satan always rips us off, always!” he said during a morning Mass homily on May 14. He was concelebrating Mass with Archbishop Ricardo Tobon Restrepo of […]

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Fellay Talk Sparks Controversy


Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX head, says Vatican sent “mixed messages” during reconciliation talks The head of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X said he has been receiving mixed messages from the Vatican for years over whether and how the group might be brought back into full communion with the Church. Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior […]

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Something “Rotten” in Cycling World


American cyclist Lance Armstrong’s admission to doping is just the tip of the iceberg, since high-stakes commercial interests pressure almost every professional cyclist into the illegal practice, said a Vatican official. “It’s a world that is rotten, all of cycling, even soccer,” said Msgr. Melchor Sanchez de Toca Alameda, head of the Pontifical Council for […]

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