Preach Gospel with courage, prayer, and humility


Courage prayer, and humility: these are the traits that distinguish the great “heralds” who have helped the Church to grow in the world, who have contributed to its missionary character. Pope Francis was speaking at the morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta, taking his inspiration from the Liturgy and from the example of Sts […]

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The lack of brotherhood leads to war and bloodshed


The importance of the bond of brotherhood and of how easy it is for petty jealousies and envy to damage that bond and set off a process that can lead to the destruction of families and peoples. The Pope was speaking during the homily at morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta, a Mass that […]

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How to respond to temptation


· In the weakness of temptation, we must avoid entering into dialogue with the devil, and instead have the courage to pray and to ask forgiveness in order to pick ourselves up and go forward, not to hide from the Lord, but to seek his grace. · During Mass at Santa Marta on Friday, 10 […]

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Woman is the world’s harmony


“To understand a woman, one must dream of her first”. This is why woman is “the great gift of God”, able to “bring harmony to creation”. Thus, Pope Francis said with a touch of poetic tenderness, “I like to think that God created woman so that all of us would have a mother”. With this […]

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Two wonders

S.S. Francesco - Messa Domus Sanctae Marthae  06-02-2017

· With the certainty that “God always labours”, there is no need to fear living the gift of love and of liberty, setting aside once and for all the false assurances that come from rigidity. · Pope Francis’ shared this reflection during Mass at Santa Marta on Monday morning, 6 February. Francis’ meditation was inspired […]

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Be open, receptive to God’s gifts


Pope Francis said Mass in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta on Monday morning. In remarks to the faithful following the readings of the day, the Holy Father focused on the theme of Christian freedom, saying that the follower of Christ is a “slave” – but of love, not of duty, and urging the […]

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Jesus looks at each of us


· Jesus does not look at statistics but at each of us, one by one. · In the Mass at Santa Marta on Tuesday morning, 31 January, Pope Francis focused “amazement of the encounter with Jesus”, the astonishment that overcomes those who look at him and realize that the Lord had already “fixed his gaze” […]

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When martyrs don’t make the news


Pope Francis offered Mass on Monday, 30 January, in the Casa Santa Marta chapel for “today’s martyrs”, persecuted and imprisoned Christians, and for Churches which are not free to express the faith. With the understanding that “a Church without martyrs is a Church without Jesus”, the Pontiff stressed that these martyrs sustain the Church and […]

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One after the other


Starting with Abraham, culminating with Jesus to the Father and continuing until today, one finds many instances in which these words are spoken: “here I am”. As Pope Francis said on Tuesday, 24 January, during Mass at the Casa Santa Marta, Christians are called everyday “to do the Lord’s will”, becoming part of God’s providential […]

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Shrunken souls


A Christian’s garment must be sewn with “memory, courage, patience and hope” in order to endure even the heaviest rains without giving up and shrinking. During during Mass at Santa Marta on Friday morning, 27 July, the Pope warned about the “sin of pusillanimity” — which is “being afraid of everything” and becoming “souls that […]

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Three Wonders


There are three “great wonders of Jesus’ priesthood: he offered his life for us once and for all; he continues even now to pray for each one of us; he will come again to take us with him”. Mankind is asked to “not close its heart” but to welcome the Father’s forgiveness, and it is […]

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A new heart


“God’s weakness” is that, after having forgiven us, he forgets our sins. He is always ready to make us radically “change [our] life, not just mentality and heart”. For our part, however, we must commit to this “new covenant,” this “recreation”, putting aside the temptation to condemn others and the nonsense of worldliness, and continuously […]

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The daily struggle


The heart of every Christian is the site of a “struggle”. Each time the Father “draws us” toward Jesus, there is “someone else waging war with us”. Pope Francis highlighted this message in his homily at Santa Marta on Thursday morning, 19 January. Reflecting on the day’s Gospel passage (Mk 3:7-12), the Holy Father focused […]

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Unity is possible


· ​“When things become dark, more prayer is needed! And there will be more hope”. · This lesson from the Book of Jonah was offered by Pope Francis. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning. In Sacred Scripture, among the prophets of Israel, a rather anomalous figure stands out, a prophet who attempts to avoid the […]

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Christians are not ‘parked’ but rather courageous


Be courageous Christians, anchored in hope and capable of enduring dark moments. This was the forceful invitation of Pope Francis at the morning Mass on Tuesday at the Casa Santa Marta. Lazy Christians, on the other hand, are stationary, the Pope said, and for them, the Church is a good parking spot. The life of […]

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A seated soul


“To follow Jesus you have to take risks”, without fear of “appearing ridiculous”, and without trying to be “too polite”; and in this, “women are better than men”. During Mass on Friday, 13 January, in the Santa Marta chapel, Pope Francis renewed his invitation to the faithful not to “remain seated in life, looking on […]

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Manufacturers of idols


· ​Pope Francis warns against worldly false hope · Pope Francis, warning against the false hopes that idols offer, continued his series of catecheses on Christian hope, in light of Scripture. His reflection was inspired by Psalm 115. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! In the month of December and in the first part of […]

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With the Gospel in your pocket


Only if we know, recognize, adore and follow Jesus will he truly be “the centre of our life”. And to do this there are a few gestures available to everyone: to always have close at hand a pocket version of the Gospel so as to easily read it each day, along with the recitation of […]

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A mother’s tears


Rachel’s tears reflect “the suffering of all the mothers of the world, of all time, and the tears of every human being who suffers irreparable losses”. This was the Pontiff’s message at the General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square on Wednesday, 4 January. Continuing the series of catecheses dedicated to hope, the Pope focused on […]

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In defence of children


“I would like us to renew our complete commitment” to ensure that the atrocities committed against minors “no longer take place in our midst. Let us find the courage needed to take all necessary measures and to protect in every way the lives of our children, so that such crimes may never be repeated. In […]

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