One Pope, One Petrine Ministry

Pope Francis greets emeritus Pope Benedict XVI during an encounter for the elderly in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican Sept. 28. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-ELDERLY Sept. 29, 2014.

A Response to Archbishop Georg Gänswein’s Recent Remarks on Benedict and Francis On May 20, during the presentation of a new book on Pope Emeritus Benedict and his pontificate, his personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, delivered an address at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, that raised many questions and concerns among Catholics. Instead of […]

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Three Years a Pope: Anniversary Reflections on the Papacy of Jorge Bergoglio

2.06.2013 Basilica Vaticana. Adorazione Eucaristica in contemporanea mondiale presieduta dal Santo Padre Francesco.

Three years into his papacy, Pope Francis has clearly had a unique impact upon the Catholic Church, not to mention the world. But what his legacy will be, no one knows quite yet, for Francis — God willing, even as he approaches 80 — may still be leading the Church for some time. What can […]

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The Pope’s Moment of Truth

22/09/2015 Santiago, Cuba. Apostolic journey of Pope Francis to Cuba. Pope Francis’ meeting with families at Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral.

Very soon, perhaps on March 19, Pope Francis is expected to publish a document on the family as his conclusion to the work of the two bishops’ Synods on the Family in 2014 and 2015  As he approaches the third year of his pontificate, Pope Francis faces his greatest decision yet. It is a decision, […]

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The Book Feared by Dissenters

Cardinal Caffara

When Walter Cardinal Kasper, the prominent German theologian, delivered a speech to the College of Cardinals in early 2014, it sent shockwaves throughout the Church. The cardinal’s speech began innocently enough, highlighting central Catholic themes on marriage and the family. Then, ever so gently, veered off course. Invoking the mercy of Christ, Cardinal Kasper suggested […]

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Juniper Serra

A statue of Father Serra in the courtyard of the San Buenaventura Mission in California.

The Pope will canonize a great evangelizer of the American West, But many oppose the decision. Our correspondent analyzes the controversy… Of all the comments Pope Francis made on his recent trip to the Philippines and Sri Lanka, perhaps the least cited were those destined to have the greatest impact: the announcement that Junipero Serra, […]

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Will Pope Francis Prevail in Cuba?

The enormous Christ of Havana statue overlooks the harbor and city of Havana, Cuba.

There are many who feel profound concern over the new “thaw” in US-Cuba relations. Some have denounced it, saying it leaves Castro’s regime in power. What is the Pope’s vision? It was an announcement both historic and unexpected. On December 17, the United States and Cuba agreed to restore diplomatic ties that had been severed […]

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Francis the Faithful: A Reply to the Pope’s Critics

Pope Francis.

During October, in the turmoil over the bishops’ synod and its interim report, a number of authors in many countries suggested that Pope Francis was  “soft” on doctrine, if not downright… heretical. Our correpsondent, Bill Doino, sees things differently… It was an article that caught many Cath­olics off-guard and perhaps even shocked them. Father James […]

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“One Must Care for Life from the Beginning to the End”

St. Raymong Nonnatus Being Fed by Angels by Eugenio Caxés, 1630.

Homily of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, at the Mass in honor of the Patron Saint of Pregnant Women, San Ramon Nonato (St. Ramon, the Unborn) (August 31, 2005) When you listen to what Jesus says: “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves” (Matthew 10:16-20), we want to ask: “Lord, […]

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Pope Francis and the Gospel of Life


In the world this year, and even among the faithful, there has been a certain confusion and uncertainty over the teaching of Pope Francis on moral issues, in part because the media has distorted or taken out of context some of his words. On life, let’s set the record straight… When the history of Jorge […]

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Exclusive Portrait – Loris Francesco Capovilla

Loris Francesco Capovilla. Titular Archbishop of Mesembria.

Of all the men recently appointed to become Cardinals by Pope Francis, none has waited longer — nor been more deserving — than Archbishop Loris Capo­villa. Best known as the private secretary of Blessed John XXIII (Pope from 1958-1963), Capovilla, at 98, is the Church’s oldest archbishop, and will be the oldest cardinal ever appointed […]

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Pray For Me – Book Review

From the very moment of his appearance on the Vatican balcony to his emergence onto the world stage, Jorge Mario Bergoglio—now Pope Francis—has provoked wonder. Almost no one predicted he would become Pope, and now that he is Pope, few really understand him. True, reams of words have been published about Pope Francis, and speculations […]

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“The Pope’s Jews”: The Unknown Story of Pius XII in World War II

Gordon Thomas.

A talk with Gordon Thomas, an investigative journalist who explains in his new book how the Vatican saved thousands of Jews during WWII.   Seventy years ago this October, in the fall of 1943, Rome’s close-knit Jewish community underwent its most agonizing trial. In the early morning hours of October 16, 1943, during the German […]

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Rescuing Vatican II? Benedict Opens a New Dialogue About Vatican II

From left, Paolo Gabriele, pontiff’s former butler, Msgr. Georg Gaenswein, personal secretary of the Pope, and Msgr. Alfred Xuereb, second secretary of Benedict XVI.

And raises eyebrows when he speaks of the Council with criticism as well as praise. What is his intent? The headline of a Catholic News Service story from early October said it all: “Pope Benedict Recalls Vatican II with Praise and Criticism.” There was nothing unusual about the first few words, but the final two […]

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Benedict’s Extraordinary Call to Holiness

Benedict XVI breathes over chrism oil, a gesture symbolizing the infusion of the Holy Spirit, during Holy Thursday Chrism Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica

Among the many accomplishments of Joseph Ratzinger before and after he became Pope Benedict XVI are the marvelous addresses he has delivered on behalf of the Christian faith. Some of them — like his allocution on the “dictatorship of relativism,” Vatican II’s “hermeneutic of continuity,” and the Regensburg address — have become instant classics, while […]

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Journey into the Light

Earlier this year, the Pontifical University in Rome held one of its most important conferences ever. “Towards Healing and Renewal” was an international symposium, sponsored by the Vatican, devoted to the terrible abuse crisis in the Church. What made the event so extraordinary is that it was opened, not by a high-ranking prelate but by an ordinary lay woman, Marie Collins, […]

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Top Ten People of 2011: Archbishop Pietro Sambi


Pietro Sambi was a diplomat, a man of dialogue, a man of peace, and we would like to honor him among the “Top Ten” of 2011, and mourn his passing. He died on July 27 at the age of 73. All who knew him loved him. When the archbishop died in July, he left behind […]

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Pope Pius XII: Friend and Rescuer of Jews


  “And now, my Jewish friend, go with the protection of the Lord, and never forget, you must always be proud to be a Jew!” The words are striking, and unforgettable. They serve as a comfort to anyone who has ever been the victim of anti-Semitism, and at the same time, a rebuke to those […]

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