“I Felt I Was in Paradise”

Top, Pope Francis hugs a man suffering from boils in St. Peter’s Square at the end of his Wednesday November 6 general audience.

“He didn’t have any fear of my illness. He embraced me without speaking… I quivered. I felt a great warmth… I felt like I was in paradise.”—Vinicio Riva, 53, who suffers from disfiguring boils on the skin, explaining how he felt as Pope Francis hugged him during a papal audience in Rome on November 6 […]

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Benedict’s Last Lesson on the Papacy

Peter’s Repentance by Guido Reni, in the Hermitage Museum.

On Friday, February 8, 2013, Pope Benedict gave a deeply Roman, Petrine lesson in his meeting with the seminarians of Rome in the chapel of the Pontifical Roman Seminary. Three days later, on Monday, February 11, in a morning meeting with his cardinals, he announced his decision to step down from the papacy. So these were his […]

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The True Image Polar Star of the New Evangelization


Facebook of heaven for the Word that became flesh. A new Mount Tabor for a divided Christianity. Reference point of return for the formerly Christian nations: the human face of God “Truth is a person“ – Nicolàs Gómez Dávila By Paul Badde In October 2011, at the baptism of our latest granddaughter Josephine, we discovered […]

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Address of his holiness Benedict XVI


Nemi, Italy, Monday, July 9, 2012 JULY 9 VISIT TO THE AD GENTES HOUSE OF THE DIVINE WORD MISSIONARIES I am truly grateful for the possibility of seeing this house in Nemi once again after 47 years. I have a very beautiful memory of it, perhaps the most beautiful of the entire Council. I lived in […]

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