Mission and Vision

Vision Statement:

A world healed and redeemed through the salvation of Jesus Christ


Mission Statement:

To proclaim and defend the message of Christ, to work for the unity of His Church and to promote peace and justice for all humanity

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  1. Raquel Guerreiro says

    May each one of as become what we profess to be: CHRISTIANS. Loving as He Loves, Forgiving as He forgives, becoming each day more like HIM. In Unity with Him we are in unity with each other. Lord hear our Prayer for Peace and Unity.

  2. milroy martyn says

    The Catholic church is dead and the priests are continuing to put the nail into the coffin. I believe the spirit of forgiveness should be armed with a cudgel. if jesus was alive and went around he would use a whip of nine tails with nails and whip the church free of all leadership which does not meet the high standard he set for the church “be ye holy like my heavenly father is holy” what a challenge for his people to strive for. Saint francis, martin luther swingly and all the reformers came into being because they saw the need for the catholic church to be holy.
    the entire church all over the world has to change not to suit the times but to bring into reality the true and pure message of christ jesus and not a watered down version to suit the changing culture. what is true cannot and should not change. it is the individual who must change to be better.

  3. Jose Alcazar says

    As you said my friend, we must strive to follow Our Father’s path. Each individual must take up the cross and contribute his best to make this insecure and corrupted world into a better place. We must stand up to defend peace, the poor and needy…the weak……..

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