Doctrine unites, ideology divides


True doctrine unites; ideology divides. That was the message of Pope Francis in the homily at the morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta on Friday. The Pope based his reflections on the so-called Council of Jerusalem which, around the year 49 A.D., decided that gentile converts to Christianity would not have to be circumcised. […]

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Jesus’ peace is real and not the world’s anesthetized peace


True peace is not man-made but a gift of the Holy Spirit.  “A peace without a cross is not the peace of Jesus” for it is only the Lord who can give us peace amidst tribulations. This was the central message of the homily of Pope Francis at Mass, Tuesday morning, in the chapel of […]

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The Spirit makes us free, without compromise, rigidity


Never forget that our faith is concrete, and rejects compromises and idealizations. That was the message of Pope Francis at the morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta. Among those present at the Mass were the Cardinal counselors of the C-9, who are meeting with the Holy Father on Monday. The Pope reflected on the […]

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Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul


The Church must avoid the risk of closing in on itself out of persecution and fear, the Pope said. At the same time, she must be able to see “the small openings through which God can work.” Prayer, he said, “enables grace to open a way out from closure to openness, from fear to courage, […]

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How harmony is created


In order to live in harmony and in mutual support the Christian community must be reborn in the Holy Spirit. There are two signs to help us understand whether we are on the right path: disinterest regarding money and the courage to bear witness to the Risen Christ. Pope Francis made this point during Mass […]

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On the Holy Spirit and the Early Church: “Without prayer, there is no room for the Holy Spirit”

Ask the Lord for “the grace to not be afraid when the Spirit, with confidence, tells me to take a step forward”. Also ask for the “apostolic courage to live life and not to make a museum of memories of our Christian life”. With this twofold advice Pope Francis concluded his homily for the Mass […]

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