Exploring Mother Teresa’s life, from Sister to Saint


Pope Francis has announced that Blessed Mother Teresa, along with three others, will be canonized later in the year, after miracles were recognized for each of them. Mother Teresa was, in her own lifetime, and still remains, one of the most famous people in the world. But who was she, really? And how did she […]

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Letter #57, 2015: Mother Teresa Will Be Made a Saint


December 18, 2015, Friday — Mother Teresa of Calcutta to Be Canonized in 2016 Blessed Teresa of Calcutta will be proclaimed a saint in 2016, the Vatican announced today. The likely date of the canonization will be September 4, 2016, the day before Mother Teresa’s feast day as a blessed. Yesterday afternoon, Pope Francis authorized […]

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Vatican Watch

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SEPTEMBER Friday 18 Vatican parish welcomes first refugee family following Pope’s appeal The Vatican announced that a family of four — mother, father and two children — was welcomed by the community of the Vatican’s St. Anne Parish in Rome after Pope Francis made an appeal earlier this month for every church in Europe to […]

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Angelus after the Canonization of Ludovico Martin and Maria Azelia Guérin


Dear brothers and sisters, I follow with great concern the situation of tension and violence that afflicts the Holy Land. In this moment, there is a need for much courage and much fortitude to say no to the hatred and revenge and to make gestures of peace. For this, we pray, that God reinforces in […]

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Special – John XXII and John Paul II canonization

The images of the two new saints hanging from the balconies of St. Peter’s Basilica (the image of John Paul was a 1989 photo by our photographer Grzegorz Galazka) and an aerial photo of the vast crowd during the April 27 Mass.

On April 27 in Rome, the Feast of Divine Mercy, Pope Francis canonized two recent Popes, John XXIII (1958-1963) and John Paul II (1978-2005) in a ceremony attended by about 1 million people, including Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI, causing some to call the event “The Day of the Four Popes.” From the moment Pope Francis […]

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