Year 16, Number 5

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Lead Story by Delai Gallagher
10Benedict’s Apoltolic Trip to America Overview: Looking at the Church from Within

News by Inside the Vatican staff
14April 15, The Arrival: The Papal Press Conference Over the Atlantic.

News by Dr. Robert Moynihan18April 16, Day One: The White House and the US Bishops

News by Sandro Magister
22 April 17, Day Two: Mass in the Stadium and the Meeting with College Presidents.

News by Sandro Magister28April 18, Day Three: The UN, the Synagogue, and True Ecumenism.

News by Sandro Magister
32April 19, Day Four: Mass at St. Patrick’s and Meeting with Young People.

News by Inside the Vatican staff
34April 20, Day Five: Ground Zero and Mass at Yankee Stadium.

News by Lucy Gordan
36Wrap Up: A Quiz on Holy See-US Relations: How Much Do You Know?

Culture by Vladimiro Redzioch38Anniversary The Relics of St. Andrew in Amalfi – 800th Anniversary (1208-2008).

Culture by Micaela Biferali40Obituary A Last Farewell to Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo.

Culture by Stephen Pimentel42Theology The Practice of the Eucharist in the Apostolic Church.

Culture by Fr. Bernard O’Connor
46Roman Reflection The Rise of a Culture of Suspicion.

Columns by Lucy Gordan
48Of Books, Art, and People
Interview with Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington.

Columns by Inside the Vatican staff
Back to the Baltimore Catechism: Lesson 14.

Columns by Micaela Biferali54Vatican Watch: March and April A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events.

Columns by Micaela Biferali
59When in Rome Exhibitions: Magnificenze Vaticane and Ottocento.

Columns by Fr. Paul Haffner
Feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians (May 24) and a prayer by St. John Bosco

Columns by Friar Tuck
62The Sacred and Profane Romitello Residence and Ristocicco Restaurant

April 2008

June-July 2008