Meditations for the spiritual edification of our readers

The Words of Pope Francis: "Love's Second Name"

“Mercy is God’s distinctive mark,” says Fr. John Saward, the formerly Anglican, now Catholic priest in England: it is His goodness “coming to the aid of our misery, especially the misery of sin.” But, as Pope Francis explains in this beautiful talk, his first catechesis on mercy, this attribute of God is not incidental to Him, [...]

Reflecting on the “Widow” Whose Sole Hope Is the Lord

Pope Francis gave an eloquent homily at his morning Mass in the chapel of the Domus Santa Marta on November 23, the Feast of Pope St. Clement I. Clement was a disciple of St. Peter and was Pope from 92 to 99 A.D. (the exact years are not fully certain). He was considered by many Christians [...]


“Nostalgia” for God can lead us to the joy of rediscovering Him In his morning homily at Domus Santa Marta on October 1, the feast day of St. Therese of Lisieux — so important in the spiritual life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio — Pope Francis spoke of two key issues for the life of each Christian: [...]

From the Domus Santa Marta: The Words of Pope Francis

With this issue we are beginning a new “rubrica” (section) of the magazine, named “From the Domus Santa Marta.” I have chosen the passages from Pope Francis’ morning homilies which struck me most deeply, and helped deepen my own faith. In these homilies, he seems to be and to speak as a parish priest with his parishioners. Reading [...]

Reflection on the Akathist Hymn

Christmas Day For Christmas Day, we offer a reflection on the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, based on the Akathist Hymn on that theme. The Akathist Hymn is one of the most well-loved services of devotion in the Eastern Churches. Pious tradition states that the original Akathist of Our Lady was composed in the imperial [...]

St. Edmund of Abingdon (November 16)

“There are four planes or fields in which God is reflected. Two within, reason and revelation, or the light of nature in the intelligence, and the illumination of the Holy Spirit elevating the intelligence by a supernatural light. Two also without, creation and the Church, or in other words, the world of nature, which is [...]

Meditation – May 2013

This feast, which providentially falls on the same day as that of Our Lady of Fatima, was started by St. Peter Julian Eymard (1811-1868) of France, who had a strong devotion to the Holy Eucharist and to Our Lady and began his priestly life in the Society of Mary. His heart burned with the desire to [...]

Easter Sunday 2013

For Easter Sunday, we offer a reflection on the Empty Tomb of Our Lord Jesus Christ, based on the Akathist Hymn on that theme. The Ak­athist Hymn is one of the most well-loved services of devotion in the Eastern Churches. Although there is some debate concerning the particulars of its authorship, many scholars agree with the [...]

Meditation – December 2012

In the early part of the Middle Ages the pious custom began of a novena of preparation before Christmas, but only in Spain and France. The Theatine Father Piscara Castaldo, in a book approved in 1525 by the author’s Father General, gives complete directions for the celebration of the Christmas Novena with Exposition of the Blessed [...]

Meditation – November 2012

November 2 and indeed the whole of November focus on the Holy Souls. There are actually two names for the day: “All Souls’ Day” and “The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed.” In around 998 A.D., All Souls’ Day was formally fixed on November 2 by St. Odilo, Ab­bot of Cluny; the influence of the monks [...]

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