“The Christian Faith Is Not an Idea But a Life”

10.10.2012 Vaticano, Piazza San Pietro. L'Udienza Generale con il Papa Benedetto XVI.

An unexpected and thought-provoking interview with Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI A new book containing an extensive interview with Pope Emeritus Benedict has been published in Italy, entitled Through Faith: Doctrine of Justification and Experience of God in the Preaching of the Church and the Spiritual Exercises, by Jesuit Fr. Daniel Libanori. The volume contains the […]

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An Incomparable Pope – John XXIII and the Jews (Extended)

Pope John XXIII.

On April 27, Pope John XXIII (Pope from 1958 to 1963) will become St. John XXIII, alongside Pope John Paul II, who will become St. John Paul II. But who was John really, and what was his greatest triumph? This is the extended version of the same article that was published in the April 2014 […]

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Resisting the Seduction of Temptation

Courtesy of stmichaelschool.us/

Resisting the seduction of temptation is possible only “when listening to the Word of Jesus.” Those were the words of Pope Francis in his homily at the Mass this morning at Casa Santa Marta. Despite our weaknesses, the Pope repeated, Christ always gives us “confidence” and opens to us a horizon wider than our limitations. […]

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Men of the year: Benedict XVI and Francis

Two men gave remarkable testimonies of faith to the world during 2013: Pope Benedict XVI, who resigned his office on February 28, and Pope Francis, who was elected to be his successor on March 13. Pope Benedict, in his courageous decision to step down, taken after a long period of meditation and reflection, gave an […]

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Pope Consults in Rome with Oriental Patriarchs

Pope Francis attends a meeting with the patriarchs and major archbishops of the Eastern Catholic Churches in Syria, Iraq and and other parts of the Middle East.

The Holy Father met with the Patriarchs of the Eastern Catholic Churches at the Vatican on November 21.  As Bishop of Rome, the Pope meets with the heads of the Churches in communion with him to be updated on the life of particular Churches. Prior to announcing his trip to the Holy Land, the Pope […]

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Pope Francis’ Homily at Christmas Midnight Mass

Pope Francis during Christmas Eve Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on December 24 (Gaazka photo)

1. ”The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light” (Is 9:1). This prophecy of Isaiah never ceases to touch us, especially when we hear it proclaimed in the liturgy of Christmas Night. This is not simply an emotional or sentimental matter. It moves us because it states the deep reality of what we […]

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“Christmas Is Time to Feel God’s Closeness, Experience Peace”

December 31, 2013, St. Peter’s Square, Vigil of the Solemnity of Mary Most Holy, Mother of God. After the Te Deum of thanksgiving for the past year, Pope Francis went to visit the Manger Scene in the Square. The Holy Father prayed before the representation of the birth of Jesus (Galazka photo)

At St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis celebrates his first solemn Christmas midnight Mass as pontiff.  Celebrating the first Christmas since his election, Pope Francis preached the goodness and tenderness of God, and prayed that men and women around the world would allow God’s grace to transform them into peacemakers. “Let us allow our hearts to […]

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Pope Francis’ First Christmas

Pope Francis places the statue of Baby Jesus in the manger during Christmas Eve Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica on December 24 (Galazka photo).

Pope Francis celebrated his first Christmas as Pope, and pleaded for world peace on New Year’s Day. He also invited Pope Benedict to join him for lunch in the Domus Sanctae Marthae.  Peace was on Pope Francis’ heart on New Year’s Day. The “heart of humanity” seems to have “gone astray” and too many people […]

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Pope Francis Preaching in domus sanctae marthae

Omelie Del Mattino - Nella Cappella Della Domus Sanctae Marthae.

“The homily is a touchstone for assessing a pastor’s communicative ability and his closeness to the faithful. As a matter of fact, we know that the faithful attach great importance to preaching and suffer when listening as much as their pastor suffers when preaching. A homily can really be an intense and happy experience of […]

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“When Benedict Played a Maltese Christmas Carol For Us”


“To contrast Popes with each other reduces them be­cause one loses the beautiful aspects and the significant characteristics of their personalities.” Monsignor Alfred Xuereb speaks from personal experience. For al­most six years he served as one of Pope Benedict XVI’s personal secretaries, and since March of 2013 he has been at the service of Pope […]

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Out of the Curia into the Confessional

Pope Francis hears the confession of a man while in Rio de Janeiro.

Pope Francis has take another dramatic decision. Francis has personally directed his closest collaborators, the cardinals and archbishops of the Roman Curia, to take turns hearing daily confession in the Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia, an ordinary Roman church outside of the Vatican. (It is just down the street from the Vatican, at via […]

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The Hidden Gems of Francis’ Life

Argentinian Vatican correspondent Elisabetta Piqué and Pope Francis.

ACardinal Bergoglio who, just a few hours before being elected Pope, rediscovered the vocation for chemistry he had as a young man, offering a cardinal colleague some advice on medicine doses as they sat down to eat… A Cardinal Bergoglio who was elected after a voting session had to be annulled due to a mistake […]

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Pope Francis in 140 or Fewer Characters

In June Pope Francis tweeted "If we have found the meaning of life in Jesus, we cannot be indifferent toward one who suffers, one who is sad."

Among the large number of books issued during the first months of Pope Francis’ pontificate illustrating his gestures and the innovations he has introduced, a small volume has been published by the Vatican Publishing House featuring the Pope’s messages on Twitter from March 17 to September 10, complete with wonderful pictures by Giovanni Chiaramonte. Now, reviewing […]

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An Unannounced Mass at Blessed John Paul II’s Tomb

Msgr. Konrad Krajewski distributes Communion during the Mass in St. Sebastian Chapel on Thursday, October 31.

History of a tradition of Polish Thursday Masses at the St. Sebastian Chapel, in the Vatican Basilica, where Blessed John Paul II is buried. “After my death, I ask for Holy Masses and prayers.” —John Paul II, March, 6, 1979, addition to his spiritual testament.    After Pope John Paul II’s death on April 2, […]

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Misericordina, Polish “Spiritual Medicine” in St. Peter’s Square

Pope Francis at the end of the Angelus, with a box of Misericordina in his hand.

During the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis recommends a mysterious medicine, and 25,000 small boxes, each containing a rosary, are distributed to the faithful.  A great many medicines are used today in Western countries. Modern man ex­pects to find a remedy for all physical diseases and even for spiritual problems. Therefore, the faithful who gathered on […]

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Pope Francis Welcomes Russian President Vladimir Putin

Pope Francis and Vladimir VladimirovičPutin during an audience in the Pope’s private library in the Apostolic Palace on November 25 (Galazka photo).

Monday, November 25, 2013: Moscow visits Rome. Pope Francis and Putin have an historic and private meeting at the Vatican for the first time. On Monday afternoon, November 25, in Rome, Pope Francis received Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is increasingly positioning himself as a defender of the embattled Christians of the Middle East, for […]

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Pope frames vision for church outreach at every level

Pope Francis leads a meeting with the poor in the archbishop’s residence in Assisi, Italy, October 4. The meeting was in the famous "stripping room," where 
St. Francis stripped off his rich clothes, gave them to his father and began a life of poverty dedicated to Christ (CNS photo/Paul Haring).

Here are a few of the main features of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”), which was released November 26 at the Vatican: — With a mix of conversational style and formal papal magisterial language, Pope Francis sets forth a vision for giving the entire Church, at every level, a […]

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“A Human Being is Always Sacred and Inviolable”

A copy of the apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”), seen during a news conference at the Vatican November 26. In his first extensive piece of writing as Pope, Francis lays out a vision of the Catholic Church dedicated to evangelization, with a focus on society’s poorest (CNS photo/Alessandro Bianchi, Reuters).

On November 26, the Holy See released Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”), an apostolic exhortation which lays out Pope Francis’ vision for a Church dedicated to evangelization. In his first extensive piece of writing as Pope, Pope Francis lays out a vision of the Catholic Church dedicated to evangelization in a positive key, […]

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“Christ is the center of history”

Young priests great the Pope.

HOMILY FOR THE CONCLUSION OF THE YEAR OF FAITH ON THE SOLEMNITY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, KING OF THE UNIVERSE.  Today’s solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, the crowning of the liturgical year, also marks the conclusion of the Year of Faith opened by Pope Benedict XVI, to whom our […]

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Pope Closes Year of Faith, Venerates Apostle’s Relics

Mass in St. Peter’s Square for the closing of the Year of Faith on November 24.

On Sunday, November 24, Feast of Christ the King, Pope Francis closed the “Year of Faith.” He also, for the first time, ordered the relics of St. Peter, found beneath the main altar in the 1940s, to be placed on public display for veneration. Pope Francis closed the Year of Faith by calling on people […]

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