Wednesday Audience

A collection of the Pope’s Wednesday Audiences.

Pope at audience: We must pray always

CNS photo/Vatican Media November 11, 2020 At the General Audience, Pope Francis considers three of Jesus’ parables that emphasis the importance of praying constantly. By Christopher Wells Pope Francis continued his catechesis on prayer on Wednesday, focusing on the quality of perseverance in prayer. Jesus Himself, the Pope said, “has given an example of continual prayer, [...]

Pope prays for innocent victims of hatred and terror

Candles and flowers near the crime scene after multiple shootings in Vienna (ANSA) November 4, 2020 Pope Francis turns his thoughts and prayers to the victims of terror attacks that have bloodied European soil this week describing them as “deplorable acts that aim to compromise fraternal collaboration between religions”. By Linda Bordoni Pope Francis [...]

Pope at Audience: Prayer is rudder to guide course of our lives

CNS photo/Vatican Media November 4, 2020 At the weekly General Audience, Pope Francis says Jesus shows us that we must pray early, often, and in silence, and urges everyone to pray for those who are ill with Covid-19 and the medical personnel working to treat them. By Devin Watkins Pope Francis began his Wednesday [...]

Pope Francis: We need courageous Christians like Elijah

CNS photo/Paul Haring October 28, 2020 Pope Francis, during Wednesday’s General Audience resumes his catechesis on prayer following the cycle on the Healing the World wounded by the pandemic. This week he tells the faithful. “We need the spirit of Elijah.” By Vatican News Speaking to the faithful in the Paul VI Hall on [...]

Pope at audience: psalms lead to adore God and love His children

Pope Francis at the General Audience of Oct. 21, 2020, at the Paul VI audience hall. (Vatican Media) October 21, 2020 In his General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis concludes his reflection on the Psalms in the series of catechesis on prayer. He says the psalms allow us to "contemplate reality with God’s very [...]

Pope at Audience: God remains near to us in suffering when we pray

CNS photo/Paul Haring October 14, 2020 In his catechesis at the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis reflects on the witness of prayer as laid out in the Book of Psalms, saying the door to God’s heart is always open in our moments of pain. By Devin Watkins Pope Francis continued his catechesis cycle on [...]

Pope at Audience: ‘Make love go viral in the light of faith’

CNS photo/Paul Haring September 30, 2020 Concluding his series of catecheses on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis reflects on the path of hope and love, as the world continues to suffer. By Vatican News Pope Francis began his General Audience on Wednesday noting that in recent weeks “we have reflected together” [...]

Pope: ‘The only way out of the current crisis is all together’

(CNS photo/Vatican Media) September 23, 2020 Speaking during the General Audience in the Vatican, Pope Francis looks to a post-pandemic world and reflects on the principle of subsidiarity, whereby every level of society has a role to play in revitalizing the social fabric. By Vatican News Continuing in his series of catecheses on the [...]

Pope Francis: Become guardians of life and earth with contemplation and care

(CNS photo/Yara Nardi, Reuters) September 16, 2020 Continuing his catechesis on the current pandemic in the light of the Church’s social doctrine, the Pope at his weekly General Audience on Wednesday stresses the importance of caring for each other and contemplating the world in which we live. By Vatican News “Contemplating and caring: these [...]

Pope Francis: Confront Covid with unbounded love

(CNS photo/Paul Haring) September 9, 2020 At the General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis says it is “time to improve our social love.” By Christopher Wells Pope Francis focused his attention on the concept of the “common good” in his catechesis at Wednesday’s General Audience. Seeking the common good together Continuing his reflections on [...]

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