“Deepen your knowledge of Jesus. This ends loneliness, overcomes sadness and uncertainty, gives real meaning to life, curbs passions, exalts ideals, expands energies in charity, brings light into decisive choices. Let Christ be for you the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” —St. Pope John Paul II (Pope from 1978 to 2005)

December 1, 2020

    Dear Friends,

    We have great hope because with God, all things are possible!

    So I write to you today to ask: Will you consider supporting our work on this “Giving Tuesday”? We are offering to anyone who supports our work on this “Giving Tuesday” a gift. See below.

We continue to print and publish Inside the Vatican magazine, but the lockdown of Italy caused our pilgrimage business, which helps to support the magazine and our other work, to cease completely in 2020.

    Yet, to meet this challenge, we pivoted to:

    (1) a digital version of Inside the Vatican magazine

    (2) a new website for our foundation, The Urbi et Orbi Foundation,

    (3) the launch of Virtual Pilgrimages which also serve as a forum for round table discussions, debates, interviews, and meditations, and

    (4) the preparation of a number of books, one of which has just been published Finding Viganò and others which will appear in 2021 and 2022.

    Your support will keep us strong with these initiatives.

Join us now in this work to bring the truth to you. This work is needed now more than ever!

    A Gift for You…

    We had our first “Virtual Pilgrimage” on May 1, and more than 200 people joined us for 90 minutes. Since then we have had 50 Virtual Events and Pilgrimages. All of our Virtual Events and Pilgrimages have been free to all who have joined us.

    Many have written to us to say our Virtual Pilgrimages have been a blessing during these months of isolation.

    On one of our Virtual Pilgrimages we “encountered” St. Francis, together with Assisi’s Bishop Domenico Sorrentino, who joined us live.

    St. Francis in prayer at about age 25 heard a call from Christ: “Francis, go, rebuild my house, which, as you can see, is falling into ruin.”

    Bishop Sorrentino reminded us that Francis at first gathered stones to rebuild the crumbling chapel of San Damiano. Only over time did Francis come to understand that his “mission” extended to the life of the Church itself, to build up the “living stones” of God’s house… beginning with himself. Francis had to be stripped of everything, taking off his very clothes in the “room of disrobing” in Assisi, where the bishop of the time covered him with a simple cloak, which he wore for the rest of his life — the first Franciscan habit.

    The entire Virtual Pilgrimage can be viewed HERE. A shorter highlight video can be viewed HERE.

    On another occasion, we hosted an ITV Writer’s Chat with Professor Anthony Esolen, a brilliant translator of Dante’s masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, and also a poet in his own right who read from his new remarkable new work, The Hundredfold: Songs for the Lords, which imagines varies characters in the gospel stories reflecting on their encounters with Christ.

    So please consider joining us on one of our upcoming Virtual Pilgrimages and Virtual Events. It is entirely free. It is a gift to you. And we hope it may prove nourishing for your faith in these uncertain and difficult times. To pre-register for Virtual Pilgrimages and Virtual Events, like ITV Writer’s Chat and ITV Reader’s Chat, click HERE.

    And, as I mentioned above, we now have a new digital version of the magazine! We are offering to anyone who supports our work on this “Giving Tuesday” a gift, a free digital copy of our November 2020 issue. You can check out the digital newsstand HERE. (As soon as you donate any amount (click here), you will be sent a code via email enabling you to read our November 2020 issue for free!)

Weathering the Storm

    We will weather this present global storm.

    We would be heartened if we could have you as a partner, a friend, in this endeavor.

    Today is “Giving Tuesday.” Will you show your support today?

    We will continue on our path and we want you to join us. Please click on the button below.

Discussions of the Book Finding Viganò, Published on November 20

    Also, I would like to draw your attention to three internet links where you will find Robert Moynihan discussing his new book Finding Viganò.

    The first was on October 21 with Dr. Brian McCall of Catholic Family News: link.

    The second was on November 10 with John Henry Westen of Lifesitenews: link.

    The third was on November 17 with Patrick Coffin of The Patrick Coffin Show: link.

    I hope that some readers might consider purchasing the book Finding Viganò. To purchase it from our website, click here. You may also purchase the book via Amazon at this link.

     (Further information about our work continues below)

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Our Work: An Overview

    We ask you to support Urbi et Orbi Communications with a small or large contribution, at this difficult time, in order…

    (1) to keep Inside the Vatican Magazine (which we have published since its founding in 1993, 28 years ago) independent and comprehensive… Now available to you digitally as well as in print! Now offering Virtual Events, ITV Writer’s Chat and Reader’s Chat!

    (2) to ensure that Inside the Vatican Pilgrimages can keep creating encounters. Now offering you virtual pilgrimages from your home computer!

    (3) to help bring the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches closer together by “building bridges” through our Urbi et Orbi Foundation.

    (4) to sustain our occasional news and analysis emails, The Moynihan Letters, bringing valuable information and insight to thousands of readers around the world.

Please do not forget about us today.

Please, do not overlook this opportunity to work with us. We very much appreciate your gift, whether small or large.

Thank you.

In Christ,


Dr. Robert Moynihan and the rest of the Urbi et Orbi Team

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