The New Film Risen: “About Something Greater Than Hate, Which is Ultimate Love…”


An Interview with Pete Shilaimon, Executive Producer of Risen (and refugee from Iraq) “A day without death” is the quest of the Roman military tribune Clavius, protagonist of the movie Risen. His desire resonates deeply with Pete Shilaimon, executive producer of the film. He is a refugee from Iraq who has made it to Hollywood. […]

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“Hollywood is Not Nearly as Godless as People Would Think”


An interview with Rich Peluso, Senior Vice President of Sony’s AFFIRM Films Who would think faith-based films count in Hollywood? Surprisingly enough, they do. Are you convinced Hollywood is entirely non-religious? You are wrong. “There are actually many Christians in Hollywood. I meet them. There are Bible study groups, churches, the Hollywood prayer network,” says […]

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