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    In our July-August 2022 issue, Christopher Hart-Moynihan reports on Lebanon, a land where incredible beauty, culture, history and faith coexist with political corruption, economic collapse and social turmoil – and how the Catholic Church is a cohesive force for good there. We also profile the 21 new cardinals just named by Pope Francis – most of them eligible to vote for the next Pope. Michael Hesemann continues his reflection on Pope Benedict XVI in “The Light of Holy Saturday, Part 2,” and Mary Ellen Stanford shines a light on St. Edith Stein and her role in “Understanding the Feminine” in a time of mass confusion. And our News of the East follows dramatic events unfolding in Orthodoxy since the conflict in Ukraine began.

July/August 2022

    And you won’t want to miss our newsletter insert “Communique” with updates on the efforts of Urbi et Orbi Communications to help the suffering and bring unity in Ukraine and Lebanon.

July/August 2022 Digital Edition
May/June 2022

In our May-June 2022 issue, we report on Pope Francis’ historic consecration of Russia, Ukraine and “all humanity” to Mary’s Immaculate Heart; editor Robert Moynihan asks, “What are Catholics experiencing?” since the promulgation of Traditionis Custodes – and three thoughtful writers answer; German journalist Michael Hesemann reflects on Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s remarkable life in the first of a two-part article on “The Light of Holy Saturday”; and sacred music composer, organist and YouTube host Aurelio Porfiri inaugurates our newest regular feature “Tradition and Beauty” with an analysis of contemporary “youth music” in church.

May/June 2022 Digital Edition

In our March-April 2022 issue, we feature a series of contributors who each reflect on the character and influence of the Pope Emeritus, Joseph Ratzinger, who turns 95; James Baresel critiques Vatican liturgy head Archbishop Roche’s views opposing the Traditional Mass; college president Michael McLean explains “The Tyranny of the Modern College Campus”; and some who knew her best say goodbye to one of the 20th century’s great Catholic philosophers, Alice von Hildebrand.

March/April 2022 Digital Edition
March/April 2022
January/February 2022

In our January-February 2022 issue, we present our annual “Top Ten People of 2021” – profiles of ten “people who refuse to let the darkness prevail,” ranging from an American Lt. Colonel who struggled to save Christians in the last moments of the US pullout from Afghanistan, to the Swiss Guard who was fired for refusing to accept the abortion-tainted Covid vaccine. We also feature an interview with Traditional liturgy expert Peter Kwasniewski and excerpts from his new book, From Benedict’s Peace to Francis’s War; a review of the new book on the “St. Gallen Mafia”; and Dr. Gavin Ashenden, former Anglican bishop and chaplain to the Queen of England, explains his departure from the Church of England for the Catholic Church.

January/February 2022 Digital Edition


In our November-December 2021 issue, we publish Vatican journalist Diane Montagna’s new revelations about the Vatican document suppressing the Traditional Mass, Traditionis Custodes; Catholic economics author Thomas Storck examines the Vatican’s recent foray into the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development; T. Franche dite Laframboise explains why Doctrine is a “Treasury of Light”; and we celebrate Christmas with beloved St. Francis of Assisi.

November/December 2021 Digital Edition
November/December 2021
September/October 2021

In our September-October 2021 issue, Inside the Vatican features a report on digital tracking of priests; a comprehensive “Dossier” on the motu proprio “Traditionis Custodes,” restricting the Traditional Latin Mass; a moving reflection on the task of the liturgist by Professor David Fagerberg; and the “Message of the Icon” on Mary, offshoot of the “root of Jesse.” 

September/October 2021 Digital Edition

In our July-August 2021 issue, Inside the Vatican features Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s penetrating essay on the Mass; a report on Cardinal Gerhard Marx’s rebuffed offer to resign; James Bertrand’s interview with a researcher of the “Holy Fire” phenomenon; and a reflection by Anthony Esolen on the poetry of Scripture. 

July/August 2021 Digital Edition
July/August 2021
May/June 2021

In our May-June issue, Inside the Vatican reports on veteran researcher Joseph Marino’s newest findings on the Shroud of Turin, and interviews the venerable “elder statesman” of the Church, Guinean Cardinal Francis Arinze. Canon lawyer Dr. Jane Adolphe discusses the appointment of women to Vatican posts, and in our lead story, Thomas Storck explores the Vatican’s involvement in a council of global capitalist powerhouses.

May/June 2021 Digital Edition

Inside the Vatican‘s March-April 2021 issue features an explosive interview with the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Müller; a sampling of opinion on the Pope’s new directive that allows women lectors and acolytes at the altar; and an insightful reflection from Joseph Pearce on “Adopting God’s Perspective in a Troublous Time.” And to help you observe Lent, Holy Week and Easter, we bring you another signature Art Essay with inspiring passages from Popes, Fathers of the Church and Sacred Scripture.

March/April 2021 Digital Edition
May/June 2021
January/February 2021
January/February 2021 Digital Edition