What Better Recommendation? Not long after the first issue of our magazine appeared (1993), a Polish businessman was visiting Pope John Paul II. He asked what he could do for the Holy Father. The Pope holding a copy of Inside the Vatican said, “Do something for this magazine.” What a compliment!  But wait! Read what others have to say…

What Our Readers Say About Us

“Because of their research and resources, Inside The Vatican is the only reliable source of information on what’s really happening at the heart of the Church. It’s essential!”

Deal W. Hudson, Editor of Crisis Magazine

“In its exciting mixture of images and words, Inside The Vatican is a feast, a treat, a celebration, for anyone who wants to live spiritually and morally ‘inside the Vatican.’”

Stratford Caldecott-Center for Faith & Culture, Oxford

“No periodical is more appreciated by me and all the members of my family than Inside The Vatican. We rely on it for clear, accurate news on the Church in the modern world and for special features. The rich color, lucid writing, art history and restaurant tips are a bonus!”

Prof. Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard Law Professor

“There are many Catholic magazines I like, but there are only a few I love and read religiously. Inside The Vatican has long been one of those few. There’s no better source for insightful, in-depth and trustworthy reporting about what happens within the walls of the Holy See. And the pictures! Rich photo documentaries dazzle the eye and illuminate the mind. If you really want to get “inside” the Vatican, subscribe to Inside The Vatican.”

Patrick Madrid-Editor in Chief, ENVOY Magazine

“Inside The Vatican is both indispensable and courageous. I have seen anti-Catholic and anti-life UN bureaucrats literally bristle at hearing the name of this magazine. It is a mark of distinction to make the devil mad.”

Austin Ruse-Head, Friday Fax on Family Issues

“Inside The Vatican is one of the very few magazines that truly reflect the broad range of Pope John Paul II’s concerns for all aspects of the life and mission of the Church. I read each issue thoroughly.”

Ralph Martin-Pres./Renewal Ministries & Author

“It’s always a thrill to receive a new issue of Inside The Vatican. There is such a variety of features; and updates on news I get nowhere else. It provides excellent commentary on important issues; art essays that exalt the heart, and the photography of places and churches in Rome keeps alive fond memories of my trips there. It whets my appetite for exploring the eternal city. I am proud to put it out on my coffee table and notice few resist its beauty.”

Dr. Janet Smith-Consultor to the Pontifical Council on the Family, Professor of Philosophy, Univ- Dallas, Author, “Why Humanae Vitae was Right.”

“Inside The Vatican provides valuable insights into the attitudes and thinking that help shape the direction of the Church. This magazine has an important role in our culturally bankrupt society. Each issue provides beautiful reminders of art, architecture, literature and faith that underlie Western Christian civilization.”

Al J. Matt-Editor, The Wanderer

“I read something valuable, interesting, and genuinely enriching in every issue of Inside The Vatican. American Catholics are blessed with a good variety of excellent Catholic reading choices. But I do not think any serious Catholic reader can be satisfied without regular access to this excellent journal.”

Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput-Archbishop of Denver

“Inside The Vatican is a must-read for everyone interested in reading about what’s going on behind the scenes in Rome and cutting-edge Catholic theological, social, and cultural issues. Editor, Bob Moynihan, has given us a beautiful and indispensable guide to the Roman Catholic Church in today’s world.”

Nina Shea-Head of Freedom House, Washington DC

“Among the many merits of Inside The Vatican, I would like to emphasize the service it renders, issue after issue, to the unity of the Church. The multiplicity of gifts, the diverse vocations, the plurality of paths found within, show the wealth which God has endowed our Church. There is one condition without which this variety is transformed into conflict: it is lived within the same shared faith. This is a specific contribution offered by Inside The Vatican.”

Msgr. Flavio Capucci-Opus Dei World Hdqts, Rome Italy