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Letter #18, 2022, Fri, Jan 28: Malone on Rogan

    There needs to be some kind of truce called, out of charity and also out of justice, between those who unquestioningly support the government’s — and pharmaceutical industry’s — all-in promotion of the Covid vaccines, and those citizens who are unwilling to accept everything that they are told about the vaccines, including that they are [...]

Letter #17, 2022, Thurs, Jan 27: Top Ten #5

    Letter #17, 2022, Thursday, January 27: Top Ten 2021 #5     I got to know Dr. Malone. I went to visit him and spent four hours together at his home.     Malone has become controversial. Why? Because he has publicly expressed profound reservations about the MRNA "vaccines" that have been developed and widely employed as a prevention [...]

Letter #16, 2022, Wed, Jan 26: Top Ten #6

    Letter #16, 2022, Wednesday, January 26: Top Ten 2021 #6     As we have written on several occasions the vitality and safety of the Christian community in Lebanon is vital for the social, political and religious life of the entire region. The head of the Catholic Maronite community in Lebanon is Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi (Latinized [...]

Letter #14, 2022, Tue, Jan 25: Defending Benedict

    Defending Benedict against trumped-up charges     Even at 94, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI remains a favorite target for the enemies of the “doctrinaire” pontiff     By Christina Deardurff, Inside the Vatican magazine Assistant Editor     A New York Times story of January 21, 2022 titled, “Benedict Faulted for Handling of Abuse Cases When He Was an Archbishop,” tells [...]

Letter #11, 2022, Wed, Jan 19: Top Ten #10

    Letter #11, 2022, Wednesday, January 19: Top Ten 2021 #10     I received this little note from a reader who is also an accomplished writer herself:     Dear Dr. Moynihan,     I hope you are ok - with this COVID surge just concerned. Your newsletters are very regular and we haven’t heard from you. I know you mentioned in [...]

Letter #10, 2022, Friday, Jan 7: Orthodoxy

     The beautiful St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine, now the seat of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a Church which was granted autocephaly on October 11, 2018, a bit more than three years ago, by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, the "first among equals" of the Orthodox Patriarchs, despite the objections of the Russian Orthodox in [...]

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