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Letter #132, 2021, Tues, Oct 12: Viganò

    “We have to get out of this labyrinth dear friends, but we cannot get out by simply protesting against the Green Pass, which is only the most recent repressive tool and certainly not the last.” —Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in an address to thousands of Italians gathered Piazza del Popolo in Rome on Saturday, October [...]

Letter #129, 2021, Wed, Oct 6: Tradition

    "A bishop is but a link in a long, long chain which goes by the name of 'tradition'... He looks back with attention, gratitude and grace to receive what is handed on to him; he looks forward expectantly, wishing to convey, undiminished, the treasure with which he has been momentarily entrusted.” —Bishop Eric Varden, 47, [...]

Letter #128, 2021, Thur, Sept 30: Full Interview

    We have now posted Tape #18 of The Viganò Tapes on Rumble (link).     We have also posted The Complete Interview of The Viganò Tapes on Rumble (link).     A complete transcription of this interview is also available on our magazine's website, InsideTheVatican.com (link).     This video is the complete interview where Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò responds to 18 of our questions.     We did [...]

The Vigano Tapes

The Viganò Tapes Dr. Robert Moynihan’s Interview with Archbishop Viganò Download the full transcript here View The Viganò Tapes and additional content on Rumble.com View The Viganò Tapes and additional content on YouTube For up to the minute updates, sign up to receive The Moynihan Letters Travel with Dr. Robert Moynihan on Pilgrimage Hello, [...]

Letter #127, 2021, Tues, Sept 28: Spartacus

    New regulations to enter Vatican City have been issued (link)...     In Rome today, the Vatican Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin issued a Decree of the Secretary of State on the Green pass in the Vatican City State which sets forth how the Vatican's new requirement for everyone who enters the Vatican City State to [...]

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