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Letter #47: To the Priory

                        Above, the image of a double rainbow in Ireland this August, as I traveled through the country with a group of pilgrims. The rainbow appeared not long before we reached Silverstream Priory in County Meath. There we found the book: In Sinu Jesu ("In [...]

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Letter #46, 2019: The Nineveh Code

Saturday, August 17, 2019 "Now the word of the LORD came to Jonah son of Amittai, saying, 'Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.' Jonah, however, got up and fled to Tarshish, away from the presence of the LORD. He went down to Joppa [...]

Letter #45, 2019: The Hidden Mystic

Friday, August 16, 2019 "During this past year I have been reading a book which has moved me a great deal. It is the journal of an unnamed priest who is devoted to contemplative prayer and who recounts the words he feels Jesus has spoken to him in his heart. I have found the book consoling [...]

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Letter #44, 2019: Jonah

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 "Pope Francis is always in my intention. Of course I pray for him, in praying the Rosary, and in celebrating Mass. And I also pray for Pope Benedict, and believe he has a spiritual role in protecting the Church from the devil." —Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, today in a private conversation “English [...]

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Letter #43, 2019: A Surprise Encounter

An Encounter Today: Dr. Robert Moynihan with Archbishop Vigano Monday, July 29, 2019 “Here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come.” —Hebrews 13:14 Today after a long journey I met Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano in a quiet place. We greeted each other with joy and I asked [...]

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From Rock Concerts to Catholic Cathedrals

By William Doino Jr Of all the modern conversions to the Roman Catholic Church, few, if any, compare with Dawn Eden Goldstein’s. A former rock critic turned theologian, she has now written a memoir, Sunday Will Never be the Same: A Rock and Roll Journalist Opens Her Ears to God.   Dawn Eden Goldstein (pictured [...]

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Letter #42, 2019: Music in Lviv

Friday, July 19, 2019 "In the morning and in the evening, columns of inmates..." Greetings. A sunny but still cool mid-summer day in Lviv — a beautiful, peaceful, youth-filled city in western Ukraine, not far from Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Here we are quite safe — many hundreds of miles from the violence that continues to [...]

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Letter #41, 2019: Peter and Paul

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Above, top four images: Russian Orthodox faithful in various churches this past week in Moscow. Bottom image, Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, who turns 53 on July 24, celebrates the Divine Liturgy at the Moscow representation of the Serbian Orthodox Church on July 12, 2019 "When in ancient churches we see icons [...]

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Letter #40, 2019: From Moscow toward Rome

Monday, July 15, 2019 Above, St. Basil's Cathedral at the end of Moscow's Red Square in the center of the city Writing from Moscow, on a cool day in mid-July. I have been here about 20 times in the last 20 years. I have had the privilege to come to know Russian Orthodox Patriarch [...]

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Letter #39, 2019: Allegations

Saturday, July 6, 2019 "Do you see any signs that the Vatican, under Pope Francis, is taking proper steps to address the serious issues of abuse? If not, what is missing?" —Question from the Washington Post this spring to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (link) "The signs I see are truly ominous. Not only is Pope Francis doing close [...]

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