Vision Statement:

A world healed and redeemed through the salvific action of Jesus Christ

Mission Statement:

To proclaim and defend the message of Christ, to work for the unity of His Church and to promote peace and justice for all humanity

What is the work of Urbi et Orbi Communications? We are dedicated to the defense of the Roman Catholic Church and the Christian faith in a time when that faith is under attack from all sides.

We are committed to working for unity between separated Christians, and to working with the Orthodox and Protestants to defend the traditional values of the Christian West, in accord with that fundamental Christian belief which see all human beings as made “in the image and likeness of God” and so deserving of justice, honor and respect.

In an age when the faith is denied and opposed by many in our secular society, in an age which seems bent on trying to “de-Christianize” Western culture as rapidly as possible, we seek to defend the Church and the faith, by communicating accurately and without prejudice or distortion, around the world, the teachings of the Christian faith; by presenting a thoughtful analysis of the problems mankind faces today; and by bringing people together to promote better mutual understanding through conferences, pilgrimages, and cultural events.

To do our work, we rely on the subscribers and advertisers in our publication, the Catholic monthly Inside the Vatican magazine, and donations to Urbi et Orbi Communications. We need your help to continue this work and become stronger.

If you have financial means, you can help us to continue to “speak the truth” by expanding the circulation of our magazine, Inside the Vatican, and by becoming a member of our Urbi et Orbi Foundation, which supports our other publishing activities and our work for the unity of the Church. Your support can help us “build bridges” between divided Christians, especially between Catholics and the Orthodox, through conferences, concerts, exhibitions, and common works of charity. Please consider joining us and supporting our work.

— Robert B. Moynihan, Ph.D.