Inside the Vatican is for anyone who would like to know more about:

  • the role of the Holy See in guiding the spiritual lives of one billion Catholics and
  • the extensive impact of the papacy in today’s world.

Perhaps the easiest way to describe this magazine is to say it is both “a window on Rome,” and “a door” through which one enters the Vatican. It is a window through which one sees the day-to-day activities of the Vatican; it is a door through which one can enter to encounter a variety of people and ideas.

It provides in-depth interviews with the finest minds in the Church today, with saints—canonized and un-canonized—and with those who are trying to “shake things up.” This magazine introduces its readers not only to movers and shakers of ecclesiastical policy, but also to members of new and emerging groups that ecclesiastical leaders hardly know how to deal with. On the pages of “Inside the Vatican” one will find up-to-the-minute news reported with an eye on historical and theological contexts. The one feature of the magazine that most immediately strikes the typical reader is the visual, the magazine’s striking color photos of news stories and its reproduction of great art works in its regular essays on Church art and architectural. This magazine is Catholic but editorially independent of any faction or interest group, in or outside of the Church.