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Letter #33, 2023 Wed Jan 25: Viganò

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 82. Below, three of his recent texts     Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul     Letter #33, 2023 Wednesday, January 25: Three powerful letters from Archbishop Viganò     Here below are three letters from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò in recent days.     (1) The first is a homily for the Feast of [...]

Letter #32, 2023 Wed Jan 25: Top Ten #5

    Letter #32, 2023 Wednesday, January 25: Top Ten 2022, #5: Benedict Rogers     For our #5 "Person of the Year" we chose a 48-year-old British human rights activist and journalist: Benedict Rogers.     In a materialist age in which few people speak publicly about the existence of the human soul, human rights activist and writer Rogers dares [...]

Letter #29, 2023 Tues Jan 24: Top Ten #6

    Letter #29, 2023 Tuesday, January 24: Top Ten 2022, #6: Patrick Reilly     We have selected Patrick Reilly, 53, the president and founder of the Cardinal Newman Society (link), as one of our "Top Ten" people of 2022 because of his lifetime of working in promoting something of very great importance for young people: Catholic education. [...]

Letter #28, 2023 Tues Jan 24: Wilmer

    Another Roman rumor: whispered, denied, reaffirmed...     So, "in play"...     ***     [Note: Our email distribution system is malfunctioning and I cannot send any images with this email. So at the bottom, I had planned a beautiful image, which I cannot send, but there is a very uplifting link at the bottom of this letter.]     ***     This [...]

Letter #24, 2023 Thur Jan 19: Top Ten #8

    Letter #24, 2023 Thursday, January 19: Top Ten 2022, #8: Fr. Sean Sheehy     Today we publish the 3rd profile of our "Top Ten" people of 2022.     We honor Fr. Sean Sheehy, 80, who in his homilies spoke about sin, and sin's negative consequences for the human person and society in general.     Sheehy urged people to [...]

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