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Letter #10, 2022, Friday, Jan 7: Orthodoxy

     The beautiful St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine, now the seat of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a Church which was granted autocephaly on October 11, 2018, a bit more than three years ago, by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, the "first among equals" of the Orthodox Patriarchs, despite the objections of the Russian Orthodox in [...]

Letter #8, 2022, Thursday, Jan 6: Global Rosary

   An icon of the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus painted on the wall of the Preobrajenski Monastery near Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria (built in the 14th century, collapsed during the Ottoman occupation and rebuilt in the 19th century. Archbishop Viganò today released a message encouraging all to participate in an international Rosary Crusade    "These [...]

Letter #4, 2022, Monday, Jan 3: Anglicans

     Fr John Hunwicke, a convert from Anglicanism who was ordained a Catholic priest in 2012, taught for nearly three decades at Lancing College, teaching Latin and Greek language and literature. He was also Head of Theology, and Assistant Chaplain. He has served three curacies, been a Parish Priest, and Senior Research Fellow at Pusey [...]

Letter #3, 2022, Monday, Jan 3: Artaban, Part #7

     An image by Giotto illustrating The Slaughter of the Innocents. (link) The Persian wise man, Artaban, hero of the book The Other Wise Man, written in 1895 by Henry van Dyke, tells how Artaban, who had planned to set out with the other three wise men — Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar (link and link) [...]

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