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Letter #76, 2021, Thurs., July 29: Mass for Francis

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." —Mark 11:24      "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed." —James 5:16      "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with [...]

Letter #74, 2021, Thurs., July 29: Brandmueller

    Four images of Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, 92, in his book-filled cardinal's apartment next to St. Peter's Basilica, inside the Vatican, and in Rome (the bottom left photo).     Brandmüller has just written an important, thoughtful essay on the liturgy (see below).     ***     Walter Brandmüller is a 92-year-old German cardinal, an [...]

Letter #73, 2021, Wed., July 28: Blackmail

    The photo chosen to illustrate an article published today by Breitbart — based on another source, The Pillar — about possible blackmail of the Vatican by China.     The authors of the source article (in The Pillar, see below) claim cell phone data they have obtained shows that, on several occasions in 2018, personal cell phones [...]

Letter #72, 2021, Tues., July 27: Personal

    Fernando Arêas Rifan (born 25 October 1950) is a bishop from Campos, Brazil. He was ordained a priest of that diocese on December 8, 1974. He joined the Priestly Union of Saint Jean-Marie Vianney on August 29, 1981. He is currently the Apostolic Administrator of the Personal Apostolic Administration of Saint John Mary Vianney     An image captured right before Mehmet [...]

Letter #71, 2021, Mon., July 26: Mutsaerts

    Bishop Rob Mutsaerts, 63, of The Netherlands, on July 22 published a powerful critique of Pope Francis' July 16 decree on the liturgy on his blog (full text below)     "Liturgy is not a toy of Popes; it is the heritage of the Church.” — Statement on Traditionis Custodes by Bp. Rob Mutsaerts (Den Bosch, The Netherlands), published [...]

Letter #70, 2021, Mon., July 26: Karadima

    Fernando Karadima, the prominent Chilean priest who was defrocked in 2018 after a Church trial found he had abused young people sexually, has died.     He was 90.     Karadima was a highly influential Santiago-area priest who for decades led a vibrant lay Catholic movement from his parish in El Bosque.     He is said to have personally [...]

Letter #68, 2021, Mon., July 26: With respect

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider, 60. The bishop on June 25 in Paris gave a wide-ranging interview which was published on July 21 (full text below). It is worth reading.     “I think that, with respect, the faithful have the duty to demand this from the hierarchy; the faithful have the right to a clear, integral doctrine. And [...]

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