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Letter #74, 2023 Thurs Mar 16: Viganò

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 82, two days ago, on March 14, wrote a new message (link), which we re-publish below.     In 2019, I spent a number of days with the archbishop, and during the "Covid year" of 2020, produced the book Finding Viganò.     You may purchase the book at this link.—RM              ***     P.S. Inside the [...]

Letter #71, 2023 Wed Mar 15: Parolin

    Pope Francis greets Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State (File Photo: CNS photo/Vatican Media)     Letter #71, 2023 Wednesday, March 15: Parolin         Just two months after the first German Pope in the modern history of the Catholic Church was laid to rest, Church officials in Pope Benedict’s native land on Saturday, March 11, voted overwhelmingly [...]

Letter #70, 2023 Mon Mar 13: Francis

    A screenshot of an article from La Nacion in Buenos Aires, Argentina, showing Pope Francis being interviewed a few days ago by the paper's Vatican correspondent, Elizabeth Piqué (link). The Spanish subtitle under the image is citing what the Pope is saying: "Gender ideology, at this time, is one of the ideological colonizations (that is) [...]

Letter #69, 2023 Mon Mar 6: Kasper

    German Cardinal Walter Kasper has just turned 90 (on March 5, yesterday). Though he is often thought of as being a "progressive," Kasper is also continuing to warn his fellow Catholics leaders in Germany that the "Synodal Way" cannot "re-invent the Church," that the Church's perennial doctrines and traditions must be respected....     "Beloved, while I [...]

Letter #68, 2023 Mon Mar 6: Kondrusiewicz

    Letter #68, 2023 Monday, March 6: Kondrusiewicz         Archbishop Tadeusz Kondusiewicz, 77 (link), was released from a hospital in Minsk, Belarus, on March 3 (three days ago) after undergoing several weeks of treatment for a malignant tumor (the tumor was removed in an operation on February 8).     Deo gratias ("to God be thanks").     May his health [...]

Letter #66, 2023 Fri Mar 3: Nicea

Old Town Wittenberg, Germany with a view of All Saints' Church, commonly referred to as Schlosskirche (Castle Church).     "It was evident that the quarrel had gone beyond the possibility of human control." —The Catholic Encyclopedia, under the heading of the First Ecumenical Council (link)     Letter #66, 2023 Friday, March 3: Nicaea         Just a [...]

Letter #65, 2023 Thur Mar 2: Join Me Live

    Letter #65, 2023 Thursday, March 2: Join Me Live!          I will be going live with Sergii Bortnyk in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Peter Anderson, one of the world's leading experts in Catholic-Orthodox relations, in Seattle, Washington in just a few minutes, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern.     Click the video below to join us live on YouTube. [...]

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