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Letter #24, 2023 Thur Jan 19: Top Ten #8

    Letter #24, 2023 Thursday, January 19: Top Ten 2022, #8: Fr. Sean Sheehy     Today we publish the 3rd profile of our "Top Ten" people of 2022.     We honor Fr. Sean Sheehy, 80, who in his homilies spoke about sin, and sin's negative consequences for the human person and society in general.     Sheehy urged people to [...]

Letter #23, 2023 Wed Jan 18: “No secrets”

    Letter #23, 2023 Wednesday, January 18: "No secrets"     I just received a fascinating letter, which I publish below.     I took my distance a bit yesterday (see this link) from the "rumors" in Rome that Pope Francis may soon issue a new decree further restricting the celebration of the old Mass.     Then, I received this letter. [...]

Letter #22, 2023 Wed Jan 18: Top Ten #9

    Letter #22, 2023 Wednesday, January 18: Top Ten 2022, #9: Matt Walsh     Each year we choose 10 people we feel are exemplary is some way for their witness faith, their hope, their charity — the three are related.     Among our choices was Matt Walsh, 36.     This young man has become very controversial in our "post-Christian" [...]

Letter #19, 2023 Tues Jan 17: Top Ten #10

    Letter #19, 2023 Tuesday, January 17: Top Ten 2022, #10: Bishop Jude Arogundade     Each year we choose to honor 10 people who were exemplary for their faith, hope and love during the past year.     For 2022, we did the same, publishing the profiles of the "Top Ten" in the January-February issue of Inside the Vatican [...]

Letter #16, 2023 Fri Jan 13: Pell

    Cardinal George Pell of Sydney, Australia, greets Pope Francis during his audience with cardinals in 2013 at the Vatican. Pell passed away Tuesday night in Rome, unexpectedly, after undergoing surgery for a hip replacement. He was 81. (CNS photo).     Letter #16, 2023 Friday, January 13: Cardinal George Pell's Last Homily     Although he likely did not [...]

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