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Letter #176, 2023, Tue, Dec 5: Trial #1

Cardinal Angelo Becciu | Vatican News     Cardinal Angelo Becciu, 75, on Trial     This letter is a continuation of the letter the other day, Letter #173 entitled "Old Mazda" (link).     In that letter, I noted that Cardinal Angelo Becciu, 75, the Vatican cardinal who has been charged in the Vatican "trial of the century" [...]

Letter #174, 2023, Sun, Dec 3: Assisi Prize

    Pope Francis with Bishop Domenico Sorrentino of Assisi, Italy. The Assisi bishop will be in Rome on Tuesday, December 5, to award a special "Francis of Assisi and Carlo Acutis" prize     Letter #174, 2023, Sunday, December 3: Assisi Prize     The bishop of Assisi, Domenico Sorrentino, will be in Rome, in Vatican City, on Tuesday, December [...]

Letter #171, 2023, Thur, Nov 30: Theology

Pope Francis greets members of the International Theological Commission (Vatican Media)     "One of the great sins we have had is to 'masculinize' the Church." —Pope Francis, today, speaking to the International Theological Commission in Vatican City (full text below)         Letter #171, 2023, Thursday, November 30: Theology         Although his health is not yet the [...]

Letter #170, 2023, Thur, Nov 30: The Defender

    The Defender (link) is a newsletter published by Children's Health Defense (link), an organization founded and headed by Robert Kennedy, Jr., 69, (link), the son of the late Senator Robert Kennedy (link), assassinated on June 6, 1968, at the age of 42, and the nephew of President John F. Kennedy (link), assassinated on November 22, [...]

Letter #169, 2023, Thur, Nov 30: The Holy See

    The text I send out today might be considered by some as "controversial," even theologically dangerous...      Because it seems (seems!) to cast doubt on a central pillar of the Catholic faith and practice: the papacy, the Holy See — that divinely instituted, spiritually protected office held by each Pope since Peter... the central authority [...]

Letter #168, 2023, Wed, Nov 29: Aguer

    Retired Argentine Archbishop of La Plata, Hector Ruben Aguer. Below is a new essay Aguer has written about what he sees as the attitude of his fellow Argentine, Pope Francis, regarding, and canceling, priests...     Letter #168, 2023, Wednesday, November 29: Aguer     And now (rather late in Rome -- middle of the night) a piece that [...]

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