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Letter #105, 2023, Fri, June 16: Viganò on L.A.

    Letter #105, 2023, Friday, June 16: Viganò on Today's (June 16) Catholic Protest at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium     Here is a long and powerful letter from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 82, on a Catholic protest march in Los Angeles which will take place later today, in about eight hours from this writing.     Today is the [...]

Letter #103, 2023, Fri, June 16: A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bible?

    The remark by Israeli "futurologist" Yuval Noah Harari (link) that "AI (artificial intelligence) can even write a new Bible" has gone viral in the past month.     Harari made the remarks in a public conversation in Lisbon, Portugal, almost one month ago, on May 19, 2023. (link)     The fact that Harari works closely with Klaus Schwab, [...]

Letter #102, 2023, Fri, June 16: Hollywood

Tyrese Gibson by Brian Raimondi, CC BY 3.0, (link)     Letter #102, 2023, Friday, June 16: Hollywood     A Hollywood actor, Tyrese Gibson, says that Hollywood and the entertainment industry are trying to "normalize" the devil, mentioning him and depicting him "in every video and signs and symbols."     Full story below. —RM     [...]

Letter #101, 2023, Fri, June 16: Schneider on Synod

Bishop Athanasius Schneider (photo credit | Edward Pentin)     Letter #101, 2023, Friday, June 16: Bishop Athanasius Schneider: New Synod norms “undermine the hierarchical structure of the Church”      Many Catholics, as they have watched the multi-year process leading up to the upcoming Bishops' Synod on Synodality, to be held in Rome this coming October [...]

Letter #100, 2023, Wed, June 6: Francis

    Letter #100, 2023, Wednesday, June 6: Pope Francis undergoes surgery in Rome     Pope Francis underwent surgery today in Rome and the Vatican has reported that the three-hour surgery was without complications.     He will remain in the hospital for several days. Let us keep Pope Francis in our prayers for a swift and complete recovery. [...]

Letter #96, 2023 Sat, May 20: Patriot down?

    Today, a link to an article by "Simplicius."     The piece goes into some detail concerning the (possibly) poor performance of the American Patriot anti-missile defense system against numerous Russian missiles of various types, including several very fast Russian "Kinzhal" hypersonic missiles, launched against Ukraine on the evening of Tuesday, May 16.     The piece explores the [...]

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