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Letter #101, 2021, Wednesday, September 1: Francis and Lenga

    Today, two new interviews.     (1) Pope Francis. He has just given a long, 1 hour 15 minute interview to a Spanish Catholic journalist, Carlos Herrera. A brief comment below, then the full text. (link)     (2) Retired Archbishop Jan Pavel Lenga, Bishop Emeritus of Karaganda, Kazakhstan (the diocese where Bishop Athanasius Schneider serves as the auxiliary [...]

Letter #100, 2021, Tuesday, August 31: Viganò

    Letter #100, 2021, Tuesday, August 31: Viganò issues a new letter entitled "Deliver us from evil" (in Latin, "Libera nos a malo," the last words of the Lord's prayer)     I received today a new text from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and send it out here below.     There is a video of the archbishop delivering this [...]

Letter #99, 2021, Tuesday, August 31: Canceled

    A notice dated August 31, 2021 -- today -- posted at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, obtained by the Rorate Caeli website (link). The notice says there will no longer be celebrating of the old Latin Mass at the American seminary in Rome, nor training of seminarians in how to celebrate the old [...]

Letter #98, 2021, Tuesday, August 31: Canceling Benedict

    "In the rest of the article we can easily see the point: the author seems to bang his fist on the table and insist, 'But, yes! Vatican II really did change everything! Nothing can be the same anymore! You can’t believe like they did before the Council and you can’t worship like they did before the Council!'"—an [...]

Letter #97, 2021, Tuesday, August 31: True Guardians

    "The teachings of the fathers are despised, the apostolic traditions are ignored, and the churches are filled with the inventions of innovators. The shepherds have been driven out, and in their place they bring in ravening wolves to tear apart the flock of Christ."—St. Basil of Caesarea, in 372. A.D.     "Thus the paradoxical situation arises: [...]

Letter #96, 2021, Monday, August 30: Marini

    Monsignor Guido Marini, 56, above, closing the doors of the Sistine Chapel inside the Vatican just before the opening of the last Papal Conclave in March of 2013. Monsignor Marini was the Master of Pontifical Ceremonies in the Vatican from 2007 until today, throughout the last part of the pontificate of Pope Benedict and the [...]

Letter #95, 2021, Monday, August 30: Shrier

    Above, a redacted "Gender Support Plan" in place in a New York middle school district, sent to Wall Street Journal writer Abigail Shrier by the mother of a 12-year-old girl who is asking that she be called "they/them." The school district kept this "gender change" secret from the mother, and the mother might not have [...]

Letter #94, 2021, Wednesday, August 25: Galatians

    “Why the law?” (Galatians 3:19) —Pope Francis, in his public catechesis of August 11, two weeks ago, citing St. Paul's Letter to the Galatians. There St. Paul deals with this question, as Francis formulates it: "If the Holy Spirit exists, if Jesus exists who redeemed us, why the law?" With this catechesis, Francis touched off [...]

Letter #93, 2021, Tuesday, August 24: Osservatore Romano

    Letter #93, 2021, Tuesday, August 24: l'Osservatore Romano to cease print publication after 160 years?     An interesting article yesterday on the possibility — just a possibility for now, but evidently something being seriously considered — that the Vatican's 160-year-old daily newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano ("The Roman Observer") might cease to appear in print.     If the paper [...]

Letter #92, 2021, Monday, August 23: Calabrò

    "Pope Francis could soon promulgate a new law (in the form of an Apostolic Constitution) to regulate the resignation of the Pope, and especially the status following the resignation of a Pontiff... In short, it is not even excluded, although it would be sensational, that for the new law there has been no Pope Emeritus [...]

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