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Letter #96, 2023 Sat, May 20: Patriot down?

    Today, a link to an article by "Simplicius."     The piece goes into some detail concerning the (possibly) poor performance of the American Patriot anti-missile defense system against numerous Russian missiles of various types, including several very fast Russian "Kinzhal" hypersonic missiles, launched against Ukraine on the evening of Tuesday, May 16.     The piece explores the [...]

Letter #94, 2023 Wed, May 17: The Trinity

    Andrei Rublev's room in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia. Up until now, it has housed the famous Trinity icon, dating from 1425, almost 700 years ago. (Photo Credit: By Shakko (Софья Багдасарова) -- Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, link)     Letter #94, 2023 Wednesday, May 17: The Trinity     A famous Russian icon is changing hands [...]

Letter #93, 2023 Mon, May 15: Pope-Zelensky

Pope Francis and President Zelensky (Vatican Media)     Pope Francis, meeting on Saturday, May 13, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the Vatican. The press had differing views on the meeting. Some reported that it went well. But others, particularly in Italy, reported that, when the Pope sought support from Zelensky for a possible [...]

Letter #92, 2023 Mon, May 15: Francis to Jesuits

    Pope Francis, meeting with 32 Jesuits in Budapest Hungary on April 29, during his three-day trip to Hungary. The Jesuits were able to ask him several questions. Here below are the questions and the Pope's answers...     "The abuser is an enemy. Each of us feels this because we empathize with the suffering of the abused. [...]

Letter #91, 2023 Mon, May 15: Viganò

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 82, the former papal nuncio to the United States (2011-2016), recently granted an interview to Russian television which was broadcast throughout Russia and also in Ukraine. Below is the text of the interview     "As a Bishop and Successor of the Apostles, I address the Russian and Ukrainian peoples in the name [...]

Letter #90, 2023 Fri, May 12: Zelensky

    Pope Francis meeting with Hilarion Alfeyev, bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church for Budapest, Hungary, meeting with Pope Francis in Budapest in late April, 2023 (link, VATICAN MEDIA / AFP)     Letter #90, 2023 Friday, May 12: Zelensky     The Vatican has still not confirmed a meeting tomorrow, May 13, between Pope Francis and Ukraine's President Volodymyr [...]

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