Web Advertising

Contact Cynthia Sauer for all Advertising Inquiries

USA Phone: 1-202-536-4555

Email: [email protected]

Our website gets thousands of visitors a day from people seeking clarity and even more when a special Catholic event occurs like when the Pope travels, meets dignitaries or changes office.

We offer a medium rectangle ad (300 x 250 px) which will be displayed in our sidebar.  You can purchase the homepage and/or all of the inside pages. Please contact our U. S. office for a customized quote.

Web ads are due on the 15th of the month prior to the month it will run.

300 x 250 pixels


  • 300 pixel wide x 250 pixels high
  • RGB color mode, as PNG, GIF or JPEG
  • 40 KB maximum initial file load size
  • 24 fps max video and animation rate
  • 15 seconds maximum animation length
  • Audio must be user initiated with the default state muted.
  • Submission lead time minimum of 5 days before campaign start with 10 to 15 days preferred to allow for approval.