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Pope at Angelus: ‘We enter God’s Kingdom through the door of humble service’

Pope Francis at Angelus (Vatican Media) November 22, 2020 Pope Francis celebrates the Solemnity of Christ the King reminding the faithful they will be judged on love, on works, on compassion that becomes nearness and kind help. By Vatican News staff writer Marking the Solemnity of Christ the King on the last Sunday of [...]

Pope at Audience: Mary a woman of prayer and model for our prayer

CNS photo/Vatican Media November 18, 2020 Pope Francis reflects on prayer and on how the Virgin Mary, who entrusted herself to God with docility, is a model for our own lives. By Vatican News staff writer Pope Francis greeted the faithful on Wednesday morning, saying: “Today we meet the Virgin Mary as the prayerful [...]

The Writings of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

This page includes links, below, in chronological order, to the writings of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is the Vatican “whistleblower” whose famous “Testimony,” published in August 2018, provided information which helped to explain why Theodore McCarrick, the serial sex abuser, resigned in July 2018 as a cardinal of the Catholic Church, [...]

Pope at Mass on World Day of Poor: ‘The poor guarantee us eternal income’

CNS photo/Paul Haring November 15, 2020 Pope Francis celebrates Mass to mark the World Day of the Poor, and urges Christians to spend our lives in prayer, charity, and witness to the Gospel on behalf of those in need. By Devin Watkins The World Day of the Poor was instituted in 2016 by Pope [...]

Pope at Angelus: We must use our gifts for good

CNS photo/Vatican Media November 15 2020 Pope Francis reflects on the Parable of the Talents at the Angelus on Sunday, saying God will reward “those who have used their gifts to do good.” By Christopher Wells On the penultimate Sunday of the liturgical year, Pope Francis reflected on the Parable of the Talents in [...]

Letter #37, Friday, November 13, 2020: Sankt Gallen…

    "Whilst in Rome before the 2005 papal conclave, the cardinals who were members of the Saint Gallen Group sent their host Ivo Fürer a card saying: 'We are here together in the spirit of Saint Gallen,' and before the conclave they came together for a talk over dinner. According to an anonymous cardinal's excerpts from whose diary were published [...]

Donation for an Independent and Free Catholic Press

Since its start in 1993, Inside the Vatican magazine has been an independent Catholic publication, both financially and editorially.  Your donation goes to support our work and to keep us independent. Inside the Vatican magazine is a well-informed, comprehensive monthly Catholic news magazine covering events and news [...]

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