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Letter #3, 2024, Tuesday, February 6: Blessings, and a farewell

    Professor Nina Sophie Heereman. Heereman has just published an important analysis of the issues involved in the December 18 Vatican document on ecclesial blessings Fiducia supplicans ("Supplicating trust"). Born and raised in Germany, Heereman is a scripture scholar who studied or did research and lecturing in India, Switzerland, France, Rome and Jerusalem. She is currently [...]


Inside the Vatican magazine's Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Robert Moynihan wants to give you 25% off your subscription! Use code PrayforPope at checkout We invite you to take the time to sit down with a copy of Inside the Vatican. The lively, thoughtful pages are not interrupted by dings [...]

Letter #2, 2024, Monday, January 8: Fernandez

    We are about to have a live podcast discussing a newly discovered writing of Cardinal Victor Fernandez, which has just been rediscovered and is causing considerable controversy.     The podcast will begin in about 20 minutes.     Here is the link to watch live on YouTube (link).

Letter #1, 2024, Thu, January 4: More confusion

    Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith issues new clarification on blessings for gay and irregular couples     January 4, 2024     In Rome, at noon today, a new text (link) has just appeared attempting to explain the Vatican's controversial position on the blessing of same-sex couples.     Entitled "Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith: Press release [...]

Letter #184, 2023, Thursday, December 28: Armenian Quarter

    This area (above) of the Armenian Quarter of Jerusalem has become the object of a struggle which today led to violence in Jerusalem.     Here below are two screen shots of an "urgent communique" about the dispute posted on the Armenian Patriarchates website today at this link.     Letter #184, 2023, Thursday, December 28: Armenian Quarter [...]

Letter #183, 2023, Thursday, December 28: Memory of a hymn

    A sheet containing the first verse of the hymn Silent Night prepared for a Christmas dinner in Washington, D.C. in December 2014, more than nine years ago     Letter #183, 2023, Thursday, December 28: Memory of a Hymn     I received in my email today a link to the Christmas Homily delivered by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, [...]

Letter #182, 2023, Wednesday, December 27: In the heart

Pope Benedict XVI, who died at the age of 94 on December 31 last year, and Peter Seewald, a German writer who worked with Benedict for 25 years to produce a number of book-length interviews which became best-sellers     "As a South American and a Jesuit, he (Pope Francis) has erased much of what was precious [...]

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