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“Essential” Catholic Economic Principles During Lockdowns

The Angelus by Jean-François Millet, 1858-1859, Museum d'Orsay in Paris By Michael Severance The COVID crisis is more than a health catastrophe. It is also a human wealth calamity in the making. Rash management of the ongoing pandemic by elected and unelected authorities has created an economic emergency across nations and on many levels. [...]

Distributing the Earth’s Goods During a Public Health Crisis

Distribution of supplies during the coronavirus outbreak in Bangladesh "Universal destination of goods" is always the underlying imperative By Thomas Storck In her long existence, the Catholic Church has confronted not only hostile empires, barbarians, and dictators, but also the diseases and plagues afflicting mankind. And in both her doctrine and her praxis we [...]

Coronavirus Diary: China

Stephen Wong and his daughter, Amanda, participate in an online Mass at their home March 8, 2020, after the Diocese of Hong Kong temporarily suspended public Masses in churches, following the COVID-19 outbreak. (CNS photo/Tyrone Siu, Reuters) "During this dark time, I have learned to trust God without any doubts" By Theresa Li 2020 [...]

The Virus Between Faith and Medicine

Reflections by a Member of the American Catholic Medical Association, part 2 By Thomas W. McGovern, M.D. In Part 1, Dr. McGovern discussed the first two “pillars” of Catholic Social Teaching: (1) respect for human life and (2) seeking the common good. This month he discusses the last two ”pillars”: (3) solidarity and (4) subsidiarity. As [...]

A Tribute to Dr. William Moynihan: Catholic, Scholar, Mentor and Friend

“Majestic Hill”: William and Ruth Moynihan walking together on Horsebarn Hill in Storrs, Connecticut, in 2016. William was 89 and Ruth was 82. “When my children were little I used to bring them here to look up at the stars,” Ruth said. Bill said he and his wife had been taking walks around the hill [...]

Empty Easter: The Virus Between Faith and Medicine

Reflections by a Member of the American Catholic Medical Association, Part One By Thomas W. McGovern, M.D. “Inspiring physicians to imitate Jesus Christ” — CMA Vision Statement “There are many patients dying in the hospital today... There are no visitors allowed. Limited visitation when death is imminent... It is a brutal human tragedy. When we get through [...]

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