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Pope at Easter Vigil: “Christ, alive today, always helps begin anew”

By Robin Gomes In the hour of darkness when humanity is grappling with the pandemic and other ills, Christians need to take to heart the Easter message of the angel not to be afraid, assured that in Galilee where the Lord precedes them, their expectations will be fulfilled, their tears will be dried and their fears [...]

Was the Shroud’s First-Century Origin Really Debunked?

Pope Francis prays before the actual Shroud of Turin during a showing in Turin in 2015 New Exposé Reveals Carbon Dating Labs’ — and Church’s — Errors and Contradictions By Jim Bertrand Longtime Shroud of Turin researcher Joseph Marino has just released his latest book in which he has compiled the most comprehensive [...]

The Movement To Appoint More Women To Vatican Posts: Who Benefits?

By Jane Adolphe  When Pope Francis appointed a woman (Sr. Nathalie Becquart, right)[1] as one of the two Under-Secretaries to the General Secretariat of the Synod Bishops, the reaction was predictable. Some praised the appointment as a step closer to female ordination,[2] while others criticized the decision as fruit from the poisonous tree of the [...]

“Let us go to Galilee, where the Risen Lord has gone ahead of us”

Faith, said Pope Francis in his Easter Vigil homily on April 3, "is not an album of past memories; Jesus is not outdated. He is alive here and now. He walks beside you each day, in every situation you are experiencing, in every trial you have to endure" By Pope Francis Pope Francis celebrates the [...]

The Decline of the Church in Germany

Reaction against Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith symptomatic of a larger problem By Jan Bentz Two young women at a demonstration in front of the Brandeburg Gate in Berlin. After months of internal tug-of-war among bishops and lay activists concerning the so-called “Synodal Path” in Germany, the fuse burned out and detonated vociferously [...]

Formation of Young Catholics in Faith… and Science

A New Polytechnic University in Los Angeles, California, USA, Answers the Need for a Faithful, STEM-based Science Education By ITV staff with Zenit (Third from left) President Jennifer Nolan, Ph.D., with Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez, in a photo with the staff of the new Polytechnic University (CPU) Catholic Polytechnic University (CPU) in Los [...]

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