Art, Food and the air of Rome. Curated by Lucy Gordon

Food For Though

Religious Stays in Italy By Mother Martha The non-profit Association Ospitalità Religiosa Italiana (Italian Religious Hospitality) (, headquartered at Via Molina 10 in Varese, a city in Lombardy northwest of Milan, tel. 327-3842841, counts some 4,000 “religious places to stay” in Italy, with a total of some 287,000 beds. These include guesthouses, holiday houses, B&Bs, campsites, [...]

Women in Seminary Formation: The Promise and the Challenge

The Marian principle in the Church and the value of the feminine gifts By Deborah Savage, Ph.D., St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity Women religious from around the world were in Rome at the 2019 Vatican summit on protection of minors: (from left) Maltese Sister Carmen Sammut, head of the International Union of Superiors General; [...]

God’s Signs

God's self-revelation through signs, and the unity of Scripture Close-up of the mosaic of Creation in the Duomo of Monreale (just outside of Palermo, Sicily) Biblical scholars have long agreed that there are four ancient sources for the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible. They have labeled them J, for the Jahwist, [...]

Seven Years Later: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at 93

Still working "for the good of the Church and humanity" while living a hidden life — and supporting his successor By William Doino, Jr. The helicopter carrying Pope Benedict XVI flies past St. Peter’s Basilica as it leaves the Vatican for Castel Gandolfo, Italy, February 28, 2013. “I am a simple pilgrim who begins the [...]

A Response to Harvard Scholar’s Proposed Homeschooling Ban

How does Catholic teaching answer the fears of anti-homeschool crusaders? By William Edmund Fahey Are homeschoolers a danger to society? Homeschooling parents may wryly reply to such an absurd question, “No, but they are a menace to our family.” Yet the question is seriously entertained by lawyers, activists, and politicians. In June of this year, legal [...]

Is CDF Survey a Veiled Attack on Summorum Pontificum?

It may be impossible to say; but a Traditional Mass defender offers possible scenarios By Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D. A Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage in 2019 draws near St. Peter’s A letter dated March 7, 2020, sent from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to every bishop in the world requested their cooperation [...]

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