Art, Food and the air of Rome. Curated by Lucy Gordon

Excerpts from Peter Kwasniewski’s book From Benedict’s Peace to Francis’s War

“The crudest form of clericalism” The reason for a Church government (as leaders, rather than sacrificial priests) is found in the community of faithful for which such government exists. Government exists per se for the protection of society and its way of life, so that society may achieve the ends for which human communities are [...]

A New Book Chronicles the Worldwide Reaction to Traditionis Custodes

From Benedict's Peace to Francis's War looks at the new suppression of liturgical tradition from many perspectives By Christina Deardurff Peter Kwasniewski's new book From Benedict’s Peace to Francis’s War. The book collected reactions to Pope Francis’s July 16, 2021 motu proprio Traditionis Custodes Author, educator, musician and liturgy scholar Peter Kwasniewski, an American, [...]

News from the East

By Becky Derks Egypt: Team led by Romanian archeologist discover world's oldest known monastery The ruins of the monastery discovered in the Egyptian desert by Romanian archeologist Victor Ghica A French-Norwegian team led by Romanian archaeologist Victor Ghica discovered the oldest archaeologically attested monastic site in the world. The site is 370 kilometers south-west [...]

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