Contact Cynthia Sauer for all Advertising Inquiries

USA Phone: 1-202-536-4555
Email: [email protected]

All advertisement are full color and all rates shown here are net.

(you supply printed pieces) A two-page insert $1,800 and a four-page Insert: $3,000. Other Sizes: Please contact Advertising Department at 1-202-536-4555 or [email protected]. Additional charges may apply.

Placement Request:
(per ad, per insertion) If you want your ad to be placed on a right hand page or placed near the front of the magazine, a 20% fee of the 1-time net rate is added to placement costs.

Print material deadlines:
Press-ready PDFs or TIFFs are due 45 days prior to publication month. Editors reserve the right to change issue and/or adjust publications dates.
Editors reserve the right to change issue and/or publication dates.

Special Rates:
Non-profit organizations and donors to Inside the Vatican Magazine may take a 20% discount.

Design Services:
We would be glad to help create your ad. Our talented designers will design your ad for an additional fee. Please allow 3 weeks for the ad design process.

Other Fees:
Changes, updates or corrections to supplied or to existing ads will incur a $50 fee. Cancellation fees may be applied. See the ad agreement for more details.

Payment: is due before your first ad run.
Make checks payable to: Urbi et Orbi Communications

Placement Request: (per ad) If you want your ad to be placed on a right hand page or placed near the front of the magazine, a 20% fee of the 1-time net rate is added to placement costs. If you want BOTH up-front and page right placement, a 30% fee of the 1-time rate is added.

SPECIAL Advertising Display Options are available. Due to many variables, each request must be received before a cost can be assessed.



All ads must be submitted as press-ready PDF/X-1a file or TIFF with type on layer and fonts provided or in outline. The following guidelines should be followed when creating content for print advertising.

All high-resolution images of at least 300 dpi at 100% size must be included. Do not embed OPI information in files. Images are required to be SWOP compliant.

  •  CMYK or Grayscale only.
  • Minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Screening set at 133 lpi.
  • Do not nest EPS files within other EPS files.
  • Save images in TIFF or EPS format.


  • Only use Type 1 or TrueType fonts.
  • Text containing thin lines, serifs, or small lettering should be restricted to one color. Embed all fonts.
  • Surprinting/Overprinting: When type is intended to surprint/overprint, the background should be no heavier than 30% in any color and a total of no more than 90% in all four colors.


  • See chart for reference.
  • Full-page trim size is 8.25 x 10.875 inches.
  • Back cover trim size is: 8.25 x 8.75 inches to allow for mailing label and is positioned at the bottom of the page.

Marks & Positioning

  • Include standard Trim and Bleed marks beginning an eighth of an inch from Trim and stay within 1/2 (.5) an inch of ad size.
  • File should be Right Reading, Portrait Mode, and sized at 100%, with no rotations applied.
  • Safety for live area (type or illustrative material not intended to bleed off the page) is 3/8 (.375) of an inch on all sides minimum.Type crossing the gutter should be positioned 1/16” from center fold on each page to provide 1/8” total separation. Safety for live area is 3/8” from top and bottom and both sides.
  • Bleed ads are 1/8-inch beyond the trim size or 8.5 x 11.125 inches that trims down to 8.25 x 10.875.


File Submission

All Advertisements are subject to approval. E-mail a low-res PDF for print ads or a PNG for online ads to:
[email protected]
or fax to: 1-202-536-5409.

  • Paper Stock is 60# gloss text
  • Binding: magazine is saddle-stitched

Print Reproductions

  • Reproduction quality is at the advertiser’s risk if publisher’s specifications are not met or if material is received after closing date, even if on extension.
  • Queries concerning printed reproduction should be submitted within three weeks of issue date.
  • Review back issues on our website. Order back issues here or contact our office for more information.