Today, a beautiful day in Rome, warm, sunny, clear, fresh, I received in my email from a friend a link to a video about a woman — Tammy Peterson, the wife of the Canadian author Jordan Peterson — who learned that she had a very rare, and seemingly inevitably fatal form of cancer, which would take her life in 10 months.

    She began to pray the Rosary, and, inexplicably, she was healed.

    This is the story of her experience.

    It is a story that reminds us that prayer, a reaching out to God from the depths of our own fragile and fallible humanity, is powerful, and healing, and redemptive, in ways we often do not at all understand, or even recognize.

    So for many — myself included — in the present difficult circumstance of our Church, and world, it is the time to renew our prayer.—RM

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