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Inside the Vatican’s special 2022 issue dedicated entirely to

Mary, the Mother of God

Woman! above all women glorified,
 Our tainted nature’s solitary boast.
–William Wordsworth 

The Angel Gabriel’s astounding message was only the beginning…her life, her virtues and her complete faith have opened the door to salvation for numberless souls through 20 centuries. 

Today, they are more compelling than ever.

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“I have rarely seen a more spiritually beautiful, moving, inspirational book/magazine as your Special Issue on Mary.  This is one of the finest Christmas gifts I have received in years.”  — Mary Ann

“Wonderful special edition this month.  It is by far the best capture of the Churches teaching on the Blessed Mother that I have ever seen.  The articles speak to both the mind and the heart as they help the faithful understand the singular importance of our Mother to Salvation History. This edition will find a home next to histories of the JPII and Benedict VI pontificates under our coffee table.” —Bill B.

“Thank you for the beautiful special issue highlighting our blessed mother. Absolutely beautiful. I will treasure my copy.” — Stuart

“Got your special issue today on Mary. I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning and it’s the best issue ever!” —Paul

“Just received the special edition of ITV. WOW, this is outstanding.” – Bill M.

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