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    Question #6: Don’t you think that your words may sound like an invitation to disobedience?

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: Catholics are naturally oriented towards order, to respect for authority and the hierarchy, because this order and authority emanate from the wisdom of God and are necessary for the government of both public affairs as well as the Church.

    But precisely because the authority of men comes from God, Catholics – like all citizens in general – cannot accept the usurpation of authority by those who set goals opposed to the very reasons for which that authority is constituted…

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    Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, 58, and Pope Francis, 84, meeting on Sunday, September 12 in the early morning in Budapest, Hungary, five days ago. The first reports of the meeting did not contain information that has now trickled out…

    (He said) the family consists of a father, a mother and children, full stop.—Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban this morning, revealing what Pope Francis said to him when the two met on Sunday morning, September 12, five days ago


    And here is a surprising bit of news which has trickled out of Hungary, as Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban reveals what Pope Francis said to him when they met in Budapest early on the morning of September 12, this past Sunday.

    The official reports of the meeting did not include these remarks, and they have only trickled out in the past two or three days.

    And they are surprising…

    It will have to be up to readers to interpret the meaning of this news.

    At a minimum, it suggests that what is reported by the mainstream news about an event is sometimes not the complete story… but, when the more complete report does come out, it is often many days, weeks or months later, and not made part of the official “narrative,” which was set in the first reports.

    For this reason, we will make it part of our purpose to update stories when more complete information becomes available. (And we will appreciate your support in this effort.)

    Here is how Reuters is reporting the story today.

Guarding the Flame

    Pope inspired me over family values, says Hungary’s Orbán (link)

    By Gergely Szakacs

    Another view of the same early morning encounter on September 12, five days ago (here is a good report from Courtney Mares of Catholic News Agency on this meeting) (CNS photo/Vatican Media)

    BUDAPEST, Sept 17 (Reuters) Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday that his recent meeting with Pope Francis encouraged him to keep defending the traditional family though the pair avoided airing their differences over immigration.

    In power since 2010, Orban has cast himself as a saviour of Hungary’s culture against Muslim migration into Europe and a protector of Christian values against Western liberalism.

    That has won him domestic popularity — though he faces a potentially tough election next year — but brought criticism from rights groups and LGBT campaigners.

    “The meeting gave me very strong encouragement,” Orban said of his encounter with Francis during an unusually short seven-hour stay in Hungary.

    “The Holy Father made it clear that the fight we are waging to protect families is the most important struggle with regard to the future of Europe,” he added on public radio.

    Last year, Hungary amended its constitutional definition of family to effectively ban adoption by same-sex couples: another win for conservatives but decried by rights groups. read more

    Orban cited the pope as telling him during their 40-minute meeting that there should be no debate or argument over the traditional family unit.

    “GO FOR IT”

    “He expressed himself more strongly than I have ever managed to … (He said) the family consists of a father, a mother and children, full stop,” Orban said.

    “Moreover, he said: go ahead, go for it. And go for it we will.”

    Both Orban and the pope, in a readout on his plane on Thursday, said immigration was not discussed.

    Francis has often denounced what he sees as a resurgence of nationalist and populist movements, and criticised countries trying to solve the migration crisis with unilateral or isolationist actions.

    The Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni called the meeting cordial, and Francis told reporters that the birth rate, laws to incentivise having babies, and the environment were discussed.

    “I tip my hat,” the pope said of Hungary’s efforts to clean rivers and defend the environment, adding that he intended a full visit in 2022 or 2023.

    The pope said on the plane that the Church could not sanction homosexual marriage but governments should give gay couples legal rights in areas such as healthcare, pensions and inheritance.

    In June, Hungary adopted a law banning the “display and promotion of homosexuality” among under-18s despite criticism from rights groups and the European Union that it is discriminatory. Orban says the law protects children.

(CNS photo/Vatican Media)

    A third image of the same meeting early on September 12, in Budapest, Hungary in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. Across from the Pope (who is flanked by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, 66, in the foreground, and Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, 67) is Hungarian President János Áder, 62, who offered a personal testimony to his Catholic faith at the week-long International Eucharistic Congress which ended on September 12. Also present, in the foreground, is Zsolt Semjén, 59, Hungary’s deputy prime minister. The meeting lasted 40 minutes, just a bit longer than expected. On his official Facebook page, Orbán wrote: “I asked Pope Francis not to let Christian Hungary perish”

    Readers’ Letters

    And here is a letter to me from a reader. I will be publishing these letters from time to time at the end of these Moynihan Letters. If readers wish to write to me, simply reply to this email. —RM

    Dr. Bob,

    I have been trying to catch up on my reading. I have been very busy catching up at work and trying to recover from the death of my wife early this year.

    This letter — Letter #105, 2021, Friday, September 9: Vaccinations: “The time for waiting is over” (President Joe Biden on Thursday, September 9) — is extraordinary, and it confirms so many things I have been thinking. I have not received the vaccine, even though family and friends have strongly encouraged it due to my age. THANK YOU for this issue of your letter.

    My Lord in Heaven, what a world and time we are living in. Who would ever think that these fantasists in the world would take this stuff literally and plan such evil. I could quote so many lines from this letter, but I think the one that hits me the most is the one from the beginning from Mr. Nobile: getting rid of the burden of sin!

    I think I have been feeling this more and more and have thought about its different aspects really throughout my life, but it hits me that that is exactly what they have been trying to do.

    How these demonic times pursue the power over life and death! It is in all our popular literature: The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, etc. But that they think they can actually get to control it is mind-blowing. But Guilt is something they all deny! Why then the need to rid oneself of it?

    Bishop Sheen used to say that when one denies and suppresses guilt rather than confess it, it comes out in everything, every part of your personality, and things that you do. It festers and embitters you.

    So the only way they have found to rid themselves of it is on a global scale, have the whole world enter into a cultural agreement not to acknowledge it. Man, we are sick.

    No wonder there is so much confusion, on a scale never experienced before, where nothing adds up to reality. The invitation to accept a blocking out of truth at all levels is very real!

    My nurse daughter works at an ER in her Hospital in rural PA. She has not taken the vaccine for religious reasons even though she is a front line nurse, as they say. She just gave birth to her first baby, a son. Her employer had said that she must get vaccinated by Sept. 25th or she would be fired. She looked on this as losing her career, because who would hire her after that? But she still refused because she is nursing her baby, and refuses to get a vaccine built upon dead babies, or as I call it Nazi medicine.

    Well, they finally accepted her Religious exemption. She feels the change was not one of heart by the Hospital, but the number of nurses who all filed for exemptions. God bless our front line fighters again, in a moral dimension.

    And God bless you, Dr. Moynihan!


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