I received dozens of emails this evening from people who tried to view Tape #10, and found that it has been taken down by YouTube. Here is a sampling of the letters…


    I just received this email (Letter #115, 2021, Mon. Sept. 20: Smoke) and clicked on the link to Viganò’s talk. YouTube is now blocking access to these tapes. Welcome to conspiracy land.

    —Bob Burns

    I just tried to follow the link. You probably already know that YouTube has removed your video for “violating community guidelines”!! Thank you for all the incredible work you are doing. Robert Moynihan is one of the heroes of this fight! God Bless.

    —Mary O’Malley


    Thank you for your efforts to restore our Catholic faith. In trying to access the link to Archbishop Viganò’s complete answer to your recent question, I was stopped by a message stating that the content was not available because it violated YouTube’s “community standards.” Archbishop Viganò violating “community standards”?! I thought you’d want to know. Sincerely,

    —Martha Rice Martini


    Unbelievable this video has already been removed from YouTube! I’m so sorry! I’ve enjoyed this format of listening to Arch. V…so easy to understand in bite sized pieces. What he says most definitely is true…otherwise it wouldn’t have been removed. God bless you!

    —Beth Roberts  


    Another thought. Try to get the Christian community involved. It not only violates freedom of speech but also freedom of religion. Your letters speak to Catholics; your questions are posed in a Catholic Church and Archbishop Viganò responds in vestments. And individuals, designated by no one, decide it is not in the “community” interest. If this stands the founding principles of our country are completely destroyed!



    And Archbishop Viganò texted me and asked: “What are you going to do?”


    I do not yet know what I am going to do, but here is the story thus far as I see it…

    Letter #116, 2021, Monday, September 20: Down

    Tape #10 of the 18 Viganò Tapes was posted on YouTube at 5 p.m. this evening.

    It was taken down by YouTube a few minutes later for alleged violation of its community guidelines.

    The message posted against a black screen background was: “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

    We are filing an appeal.

    And now, what next? A pledge…

    We pledge to you, our readers, to publish the rest of the tapes, somewhere, in the next few days — and then, if all goes well, to bring out important new tapes in the weeks and months ahead.

    This may involve posting the videos on another platform. We are studying the matter to determine the best course to take.

    Whatever happens, we remain committed to facing the issues Archbishop Viganò, and others, are raising.


    Not because we wish to control others, ruin lives, or wreck anyone’s carefully thought-out plans for a new global order.

    No, that is not our purpose.

    Our purpose is positive, not negative.

    Our goal is not to be against, but to be for. To be for what? To be for the freedom to be human persons with free hearts, free souls, free men and women — to be free to follow Christ, and to present Christ to a world that seeks other ultimately disappointing and oppressive divinities: money, power, pleasure, praise, dominion, control.

    Our hopes, during the brief years left to us, are finally just one hope: to do what we can now to leave to our own children, and to all children everywhere, and to all grandchildren, of every country, a world of possible hope…

    A world of persons… of persons who have a transcendent, holy horizon… a transcendent, holy horizon not limited to computerized models no matter how artificially intelligent… but rather an eternal horizon which can only be characterized by the words “holy” and “glory”… a world of religious freedom… a world where faith in Christ may be found, and communicated, and shared, and preached, and embraced, giving us the chance to be free from all the false divinities that enslave us… freeing us to live as free men and women, in communion with the One who went about doing good, the carpenter from Galilee, Jesus Christ… the Logos of the universe… who opened for us by his life and sacrificial death the joyful if sometimes difficult path to the highest end… eternal life with the all-holy, all-loving God.

    Just that.—RM

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