We have now posted Tape #13 of The Viganò Tapes on Rumble (link) and YouTube (link).

    These are a series of 18 video tapes where Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò responds to 18 of our questions.

    We plan to post tapes #14 through #18 over the next five days.

    Here is Question #13, and the beginning of the archbishop’s answer:

    Question #13: Many people have a positive vision of the Enlightenment, but few know that at the time the term Enlightenment was a synonym for Illuminism and that it is tied to the same ideological source as Freemasonry. Could you explain the relationship of the Enlightenment with Freemasonry?

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: (…) The Enlightenment, like other philosophical movements, was the cultural and ideological instrument with which Freemasonry corrupted the European elites and mobilized the masses to rebellion against the authority of Sovereigns and also the authority of the Roman Pontiffs. (…)       

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