Leonid Sevastianov, a Russian Orthodox layman who is also the leader of the “Old Believer” community in Russia, is shown here with his daughter, Natalia, and wife, Svetlana Kasyan, meeting with Pope Francis in the Domus Santa Marta in Rome… Sevastianov will join us in a live podcast at noon tomorrow, Eastern Standard Time in the US, 7 p.m. Moscow time, to discuss his recent conversation with the Argentine Pope…

    Letter #138, 2023, Thursday, October 5: Live tomorrow

    Join our Live podcast with Leonid Sevastianov tomorrow, Friday, October 6 at 12:00 noon Eastern, 6:00 p.m. Rome time.

    Leonid Sevastianov spoke with Pope Francis for 2 hours last week, ahead of the Synod, which began yesterday. Join us on a live podcast tomorrow at 12:00 noon U.S. East Coast time, and 6 p.m. Rome time.

    Among other things, the Pope spoke at some length of his understanding of the Fatima message, Sevastianov told us today, and he will speak about what the Pope said in our conversation tomorrow. —RM

    You can watch live on YouTube here or on Rumble here. You can also watch live on Twitter here or Facebook here.

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