During World War II a powerful system for prisoners of war to communicate with their loved ones, and for their loved ones to learn about their imprisonment, was developed through the Vatican Information Office, which was set up by Pope Pius XII immediately after the war began in 1939. Young and old appealed to Pius XII for help in locating missing sons, husbands, relatives, and friends. In turn, the office he set up to deal with such requests sought night and day to provide information and comfort. To help the effort, Vatican Radio broadcast 1.2 million shortwave messages asking for news about missing individuals.”

Not only are there hundreds of thousands of documents regarding this clearinghouse activity in the Vatican Secret Archives, but there are also 20 million letters with additional information on file cards for each of these individuals.

Crusade of Charity reveals this untold story of grief and heroism, comfort and support, through documents, letters, telegrams, and reports of the apostolic delegates who visited war prisoners in camps around the world, as well as through the words of family and friends.

Paulist Press (2006)

Author: Sister Margherita Marchione

304 pages. Paperback. Black and white. 0.7 x 5.9 x 8.9″