September/October 2023

    In the September-October issue of Inside the Vatican: our Lead story introduces newly-minted Cardinal Victor Fernández of Argentina, Pope Francis’ controversial pick to head the Vatican’s doctrinal office; another Argentinian, Archbishop Héctor Aguer, critiques the Synod on Synodality’s working document; Thomas Storck discusses the bitter socio-economic fruit borne of America’s Protestant roots; and Robert Wiesner takes a fresh look at the Creed through the eyes of the iconographer.

Table of Contents


Giving Stones Instead of Bread by Robert Moynihan


A new Vatican approach to doctrine begins by Robert Moynihan


VATICAN/Synod on Synodality: Walking together…but which way? by ITV staff 

VATICAN/The Pope’s Surprise Announcement: 21 New Cardinals by Andrea Tornielli/ITV staff 

Interview/Benedict biographer Seewald: “The flood could destroy what’s held so far” by

ANNIVERSARY/30 Years of ITV: Interview with Founding Editor Robert Moynihan by Christopher Hart-Moynihan

Footsteps on the Way/Norcia’s Sacred Drama by ITV staff 


COMMUNIQUÉ: A Newsletter of Urbi et Orbi Communications

Reflecting on the “Golden Age” of Church and Country 

A New Voice in Urbi’s Digital Media: Fr. Charles Murr 

The Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch: “There must be a return to Christ” 

Papal Apostolic Letter/Pascal and “The Grandeur and Misery of Man” by Pope Francis 


Interview/Thomas Storck: The Prosperity Gospel vs. Catholic Social Teaching by Christina Deardurff 

Interview/Sr. Prudence Allen: Answering the question “What is a Woman?” by Barbara Middleton

Education/”Trans” Culture and College Kids: Where is the Church? (Part Two) by Christina Deardurff 

Scripture /”Male and Female He Created Them” by Anthony Esolen

Spirituality Behind Bars/Kindling an Eastern Fire by Marcellus Roberts 


Icon/The Creed: The Incarnation by Robert Wiesner 

East-West Watch/The Cardinal and the Patriarch by Peter Anderson

News from the East/Joint commission addresses synodality, primacy; Constantinople Patriarch criticized; Zelensky moves Christmas; Pope Francis proposes Russian meeting  by Matthew Trojacek


Tradition and Beauty/Why is Gregorian chant a model for sacred music? by Aurelio Porfiri 

Art/Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches commemorate painter Luca Signorelli by Lucy Gordan

Lord of the World/“They intend destroying the Abbey” by Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson 

Vatican Watch/A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican events: June-July 2023 by Matthew Trojacek 

People/Mongolian cardinal dreams of monastery; Cardinal Sarah on crisis of faith; Cambodians honor Khmer Rouge martyrs; Pope approves “illicit” bishop; Becciu trial by Matthew Trojacek

Food for Thought/Photo and Food: “Eating with a smile” by Mother Martha 

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