"Urbi et Orbi" Christmas Message and Blessing of Pope Francis

On Christmas Day Pope Francis prays for world peace and gives his "Urbi et Orbi" blessing Pope Francis has appealed for peace and for a world in which children across the globe may be able to hope for a future of justice, security and joy. The Pope's words came on Christmas Day as he addressed the city and the world during his traditional [...]

Pope Francis in flight press conference: full text

Pope Francis on Saturday en route to Rome following his visit to Myanmar Bangladesh held his traditional in flight press conference. Among the topics of discussion were the Rohingya people, nuclear arms, globalization and future travel plans. Greg Burke: Thank you, Holy Father. First of all, thanks. You have chosen two interesting countries to visit. Two [...]

Pope tells young people of Bangladesh to ‘seek God’s wisdom’

Pope Francis spoke to the young people and students of Bangladesh at Dhaka's Notre Dame College on Saturday, inviting them to seek out and live by God’s wisdom in Jesus Christ as handed down by their grandparents. The event marked the close of the Holy Father’s Apostolic Visit to Bangladesh, after which he bid farewell to [...]

Pope to Religious, no to gossip, embrace joy

Pope Francis on the last day of his visit to Bangladesh addressed  priests, religious, consecrated Men and Women, and seminarians at the Holy Rosary Church in Dhaka, telling them to avoid gossip and embrace a spirit of joy. The scene was the Holy Rosary Church in Dhaka; the audience was pews full of priests, religious, consecrated men and women, [...]