Daily Homily

On the Church as Bride and Widow

The Church’s “one treasure” is Christ, as she risks becoming “lukewarm mediocre and mundane” if she places her security “in other realities”. Thus, with a call to repeat “Come Lord Jesus”, the Pope celebrated Mass at Santa Marta on Monday morning, 23 November. Francis began his homily by referring to “both of the Readings of today’s [...]

On "Christian Identity, without Compromises, without a Double Life”.

Let us not be weakened by the worldly spirit but live Christian life coherently, without giving in or compromising. On Tuesday, 17 November, Pope Francis offered this message during his homily during Mass at Santa Marta. Following the path by which “the Church” in these days “prepares us for the end of the liturgical year”, the [...]

“Why do the Wicked seem to be so Happy?”

The desperate “why” that is insistently directed to God by men is also seen in the many letters that Pope Francis receives every day. He himself shared this, telling the story of a young mother with a family who is facing the difficulty of cancer, and of an elderly woman who mourns her son who was [...]

On Jonah: Allowing God's Mercy to Work Through You

On Tuesday, 6 October, during the morning Mass at Santa Marta, Francis spoke about the risk of failing to understand and accept the mercy of God. He also recommended not being so obstinate and rigid as to consider as more important one’s own preaching, one’s own thoughts and “that whole list of commandments” that one must [...]