Pope at Audience: Church a ‘field hospital’ that cares for sick

Pope Francis during his weekly General Audience (AFP or licensors) At the weekly General Audience, Pope Francis says the Church is like “a field hospital” that must care for the sick, even when our actions incite envy and hatred in others. Continuing his catechesis on the Acts of the Apostles, Pope Francis reflected on [...]

A Meditation on the Merits of the Gift of Faith

Faith is “a gift” that one cannot buy or acquire on their merit. On Friday, 15 January, Pope Francis drew inspiration from the day’s liturgy as he continued speaking on the characteristics of faith. He recalled that the day before, the Gospel presented the story of the leper who said to Jesus: “if you will, you [...]

On Closeness and Healing: “Jesus never marginalizes anyone, ever!”

Get close to marginalized people, close the distance until touching them without being afraid to get dirty. This is the “Christian closeness” that Jesus showed us concretely when he freed the leper from the impurity of the disease and also from social exclusion. During Mass at Santa Marta on Friday, 26 June, the Pope asked every [...]

Reflections on the Family: Death: "Death does not have the last word"

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! In the course of catecheses on the family, today we take direct inspiration from the episode narrated by the Evangelist Luke, which we have just heard (cf. Luke 7:11-15). It is a very moving scene, which shows us Jesus’ compassion for one who suffers -- in this case a widow [...]