Be the hands that help “Rebuild My Church”

To Restore Strength

You perceive the weakness of the divided body of Christians, especially in confronting an increasingly “post-Christian” western culture. In 1054, the Great Schism tore the Body of Christ in two, separating Western from Eastern Christians, Roman Catholics from Orthodox. Our sad division has weakened us; we are indeed “a house divided.” 

You have seen the intense pressures on millions of Christians in the Middle East. In recent years, a quarter of Lebanon’s Christians have fled the country. Thousands more are planning to leave. Yet, Lebanese Maronite-rite Catholics and Orthodox still live side by side. 

Support our Friends of Lebanon project. Become the catalyst to preserve the Christian presence in the land where Christ Himself walked and performed miracles.

To End Corruption 

The corruption within the Church, both moral and financial, has destroyed her moral credibility, as well as destroying souls. The “culture of cover-up” must end. At the same time, Catholics need to see the tremendous good done by many unsung priests and bishops. 

Support our Shine the Light project, and join with Catholics who are poised to confront and expose Church corruption, while building her up rather than tearing her down. Together, we will rebuild His Church and restore her unity. 

To Bring Unity 

Because you care about our Catholic Church, you realize the extent to which an increasingly secularized culture is causing fractures within the Church, dividing us into “liberals and “conservatives,” confusing and disheartening ordinary Catholics. You see it with your own eyes: our beliefs and traditions are being strategically dismantled in the wider culture. Your children and grandchildren are being pulled away from the Faith. And global changes in the wake of Covid are threatening to divide us even more. There is unease and discord in the very depths of many souls, even, at times, our own. 

Become an essential partner in our work to shine the light of Christ’s truth into all this disunity and confusion, to get authentic Catholic teaching and spiritual nourishment into the hands – and hearts – of all Catholics. 

By supporting Unitas, you become part of joint Catholic-Orthodox initiatives to oppose an increasingly aggressive secular culture. The unity we build will allow Christianity more influence in global society.

By supporting our Unitas Campaign, you become the hands that build unity within the Catholic Church; you become the hands that reach out to our Orthodox brothers and sisters as we confront together this common danger, the extinguishing of our one Faith. Together we will work toward our eventual reunification as one Body of Christ. In doing so, each of us will be fostering a deeper unity between our own souls and God.

Through Unitas, you can be the hands that help “Rebuild My Church.”