Year 11, Number 06

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Lead Story
by Cecilia Bromley-Martin
10Leaving Out Christianity
Europe seems to want to forget its past.

by Robert Hutchinson
12“James, the Brother of Jesus”?
Scholars doubt ossuary inscription.
by Inside the Vatican staff16Mel’s Sensational Film
The battle over The Passion heats up.

by Vladimir Redzioch
18A Modern-Day Hero
The doctor who discoverd SARS.

by Msgr. George Kelly
20The Battler is Not Finished
An American scholar on the crisis.

by Delia Gallagher
24The Imam of Discord
What happened to the Imam of Rome.

by Cecilia Bromley-Martin
25Why Easter-rite Priests Marry
And who can administer the Eucharist?

by William Doino, Jr.
26Pius Without Prejudice
A great historian weighs in on the debate.

by Michael Cain
37Cain’s Lament
A Catholic shares his pain.

Lux Ex Oriente
by Dominik Morawski
41Christianity or Capitalism?
The contradictions of the “New Europe.”

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
42John Paul Chooses O’Malley
June and July in Rome day-by-day.

by Cecilia Bromley-Martin
50A Woman Reporter at the Vatican
Profile of ANSA’s Giovanna Chirri.

Inside the World
by Cecilia Bromley-Martin
52Threats to the Faith Today
Sects and secularism.

Churches of Rome
by June Hager
56Once a Pagan Bath…
…now a splendid Marian basilica.

by Father Paul Haffner
61“The Eminence of Her Dignity”
Mary’s Assumption (August 15).

by Friar Tuck
78“Basta Past!”
Our good friar longs for venison.


June-July 2003


September 2003