January 2004 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine

Year 12, Number 01

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Top 10 People
by Inside the Vatican staff
10The “Top 10” People of 2003
With a special choice for #10…

Lead Story
by Inside the Vatican staff
122003 Man of the Year: Mel Gibson
A complete report on a year of controversy.

  • “A Film Masterpiece Under Fire” P. 12
  • “The Man” P. 15
  • “Genesis of Project” P. 17
  • “Gearing up for War” P. 18
  • “Begin with The Times” P. 20
  • “Anti-Semitism and the Gospel” P. 21
  • “Witnesses” P. 25
  • “Conclusion” P. 26
  • “Gibson’s Film: A Chronology” P. 29
by Robert Hutchinson32Five Problem’s With Gibson’s Critics
Claiming a non-existent consensus, and…
by Tom Piatak34Gibson and His Enemies
A critique of the charge of anti-Semitism.
by Rabbi Daniel Lapin37What Happened to “Artisitic Freedom”?
A rabbi defends Mel Gibson.
by Inside the Vatican staff40“I Can Tell You This…”
An interview with the Jesuit who was Gibson’s close advisor on the film.

Top 10 People
by Inside the Vatican staff
42From Cardinal Lopez Trujillo (#2) to…
the Missionaries of Charity (#10).

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
70At Christmas, Security Concerns
A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican affairs.

by Robert Moynihan
and Delia Gallagher
74The Secret Letter
Evidence that Pope Pius XII gave orders to the bishops of Italy to save Italy’s Jews.

by Father Paul Haffner
77“The Name of Jesus is Food”
St. Bernard on the feast of the Most Holy Name.

by Friar Tuck
78A Panda by the Steps
There were no animals like this in Sherwood.

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