June-July 2004 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine

Year 12, Number 05


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Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
10 A day-by-Day Chronicle
The Pope at 84, Pentecost, Bush visits.

Lead Story
by Delia Gallagher
14 On Torture and Faith
An interview with Cardinal Stafford.

by Vladimiro Redzioch
16 Yes, or No?
Interview with Cardinal Husar.

by Inside the Vatican staff
18 Six Saints for this Pontificate
On his birthday, John Paul ceates saints.

Status Ecclesiae
by John Mallon
24 The US Bishops at the CROSSroads
The issue of abortion divides the USA.

by George “Pat” Morse
26 Cry, the Beloved Country
“I no longer know my own country.”

Photo Essay
by Paul Badde
32 Rain of Fire and Roses
A special Pentecost in the Pantheon.

Book Review
by Mark Drogin
34 Is Salvation from the Jews?
And if yes, in what sense?

by Joseph Ratzinger
44 Europe and Christianity
Ratzinger on a vexed question.

by Lucy Gordan
52 Petrarch at 70
Italian poetry began in his love for Laura.

by Alberto Carosa
56 Goesche of Berlin…
…takes a large step for the old Mass.

by Friar Tuck
62 Near Piazza del Popolo
Our good friar continues to eat well.

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