May 2004 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine

Year 12, Number 04

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Lead Story
by Vladimirio Redzioch
10Toward a Cathedral
The pilgrimage to St. James.

by Marty Barrack, Ed Rucinski, Vladimirio Redzioch and Marie Czernin
20Gibson’s Passion…
…analysis of the film of the millenium, and an exclusive account of Jim Caviezel’s visit to see the Pope.

by Andrea Kirk
36Rome Amid the Powers
Interview with Cardinal Lopez Trujillo.

Status Ecclesiae
by John Mallon
38Bishops Under Fire
How the hierarchy in the US went wrong.

by George “Pat” Morse
40“Stop Bashing the Bishops!”
The bishops must lead, but will they?

by Alfons Cardinal Stickler
46Recollections of Vatican II
The true hope of the council for the liturgy.

Lux Ex Oriente
by Dominik Morawski
54Kirill in Poland
Movement on the Russian front?

by Jean di Marino
56The Vatican’s Webmaster
Profile of Sister Judith.

by Andrew Rabel
60She Neither Ate Nor Drank…
…but lived on the Eucharist alone.

by Friar Tuck
66A Special Sauce
“I chose the bucatini all’amatriciana…”

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