November 2004 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine

Year 12, Number 09

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Lead Story by Shena Muldoon
8“In the Breaking of the Bread”
Cardinal Arinze on the Year of the Eucharist

News by Delia Gallagher
18From Bioethics to Divorce
of social teaching.

Lux Ex Oriente by Dominik Morawski21With No Fear
A leading Polish speaks out.

Cover Story by Robert Hutchinson
22 “Brave New California…”
Hollywood stars do moral battle over stem cell research.

Essay by Christopher Dawson
28On War
Neither a pacifist nor a warmonger.

Books by Alberto Carosa38Setting the Record Straight
Pius IX and his enemies.

In Memoriam
by Alberto Caros
45Two Defenders of Tradition
Michael Davies and Elvina Pallavicini

Art and Culture by Lucy Gordan
50An American Artist in Rome
Suzanne Nicholson.

Vatican Watch
by Shena Muldoon
56October in Rome
A day-by-day chronicle of Vatican life.

by Paul Haffner
60On the Saints
St. John of Damascus (690-749 AD).

by Friar Tuck
62A Perfect Spot
“A liter of excellent house white wine…”.

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