“Much of [the] book serves as one of the most complete references to the “Testimony” of Vigano that one can find. Bob prepared notes on aspects of the Letter that really illuminate the side story, the backstory, and the 60 names referenced in the letter. It was highly beneficial as a reader unaware of some of these details—other curious and concerned readers will benefit.” from Shaun McAfee, Amazon review

Moynihan’s book on Vigano was insightful. I saw many posts on social media regarding Vigano’s testimony along with a letter of support from my bishop as to Vigano’s character, but I remained at a loss as a regular Catholic with no personal experience as to what deeper issues were at stake. This book helped take me on a journey into Vigano’s life and how he found himself in a place needing to speak out. I appreciate his courage and Moynihan’s for telling his view. ― from CPY on TANBooks.com

“A must listen for all Catholics — amazing, enlightening, a call to true love for Christ and the Church beginning with courageous witness to the truth in this troubled world. [The] Narrator makes the experience ever so real and enjoyable Review from Wellcare Uganda on Audible.com

Robert Moynihan was definitely the one to research and write the book on this pivotal and polarizing person in Our LORD’s Church today. Moynihan’s book gives an excellent introduction to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó, explains what led up to his decision to go public with his testimony, and goes through that testimony paragraph by paragraph. It concludes by letting us know a bit about what Viganó has been through since he went into hiding and promising another book which will delve in depth the topics introduced here. from Booklady on Goodreads

Moynihan: What do you say to those who attack you for attacking, for there is no other word for it, the decisions and actions of the pope?

Viganó: It’s not an attack on the Church, but a service given to the Church to testify to the truth, because only the truth may protect from the attack of the one who’s treacherous, who puts us in danger constantly, the father of lies. This successor of the Apostle of Peter is not exempt from the attack of the devil. On the contrary, he may be the one most disposed to be targeted by the enemy, for to hit the head, the chief, would be an exceptional achievement for the devil because if you hit the pastor, the sheep will be dispersed―Matthew 14.”

― Robert Moynihan, Finding Vigano: The Man Behind the Testimony that Shook the Church and the World

What I have written is intended to assist you, my readers, to understand the man Archbishop Viganò in greater depth, and in this way, to provide context for the current polemics in the Church, and to give you hope and courage in these difficult times. All of us are pilgrims in this world. Thank you for your willingness to come along with me on this pilgrimage. – Robert Moynihan, in a letter to readers of Finding Viganò

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