It is important to open people’s eyes.” —Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 80, in Tape #9 of The Viganò Tapes

    We have now posted Tape #9 of the 18 Viganò Tapes.

    Here is the question and the beginning of his answer.

    Question #9: Your Excellency, once again, you are speaking in very dramatic terms about people being used as “guinea pigs,” about humans becoming “chronically ill” due to the health measures being taken, and you are asking us all to resist what you call “a new type of totalitarianism.” But how could we really come to a united conclusion about the threat we face, with so much inability to understand the true facts and to know really what our position truly is?

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: I believe that it is important to open people’s eyes, showing them the deception we are facing.

    It is a deception based on false premises, artfully created and imposed in a dogmatic way, to legitimize false solutions that have already been planned and implemented…

    (to listen to the rest of the answer, go to this link)

    Special news note: Also it is being reported today, the Catholic Archdiocese of Moncton (New Brunswick) in Canada is now requiring vaccination as a prerequisite for attending Mass. Proof of vaccination will be required at the doors of the church. (link) At the same time, 20 of 53 parishes in the Archdiocese of Moncton face closure or possible closure this year, due to declining church attendance and sex-abuse settlements in (link)

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