I received literally dozens and dozens of emails last night and this morning from people who tried to view the Viganò Tape #10, and found that it has been taken down by YouTube.

    In order not to receive a “Strike #2” from YouTube, we ourselves last evening decided to make Viganò Tape #9 “private,” because with two strikes, and then a possible sudden third strike — if I understand the situation correctly (and my understanding may be faulty!) — we would be banned permanently from YouTube, and all of the tapes would have to be taken down, and all of the recent rapid growth of our channel would be lost.

    So the news is that we have decided to continue onward by posting material on other, freer, sites, like Rumble (which costs $99 per month, while YouTube is free), Gab, Odysee (link), and others.

    We will send you precise links soon.


    But it seems — seems — that even these sites can potentially, and sometimes do, censor information.

    Therefore, we are also of the mind to construct an entirely free space on the internet, where we will continue to post The Viganò Tapes.

    Of course, ultimately, without one’s own rocket-launched satellites, sponsored by one’s own government or state, it does not seem possible to fully maintain the freedom of any portion of the internet, because even temporary areas of freedom could be closed down.

    So… this suggests the need to maintain these email letters, and then also our print magazine, Inside the Vatican, and person to person conversation (what a novel idea!), as well as developing a modest, free space on the global internet.


    With regard to “violating community standards” with regard to health information, or “health misinformation,” I do — of course — think it wrong and dangerous to promote medical misinformation which could directly harm the health of people.

    But what is the greater danger? Allowing questions to be raised about possible dangers of side-effects, or imposing a total global “blackout” on the raising of such potentially important concerns?

    It seems clear to me, based on watching the ordinary procedures developed over decades for the testing of health procedures, including vaccines, that a series of steps, a series of tests, were in the past always insisted upon, to avoid something unexpected and dangerous from happening.

    And it seems clear that this entire process was “fast-tracked” in recent months; one might even say, “super fast-tracked.”

    Is it not true that many doctors and scientists, in many areas, are still researching and attempting to come to a reasoned conclusion about the effectiveness, and potential side-effects, of various medical treatments, including the various vaccines — and there are now more than 20 “vaccines” on offer throughout the world? (One preliminary question: are all the vaccines equal? If I must give one to my son or daughter, can anyone tell me which of the 20+ is the best among them, and choose that one? I do not think anyone has given us such a graded evaluation of the treatments. Am I wrong? Does everyone want to just guess?)

     While this research is still continuing, it seems to me essential, especially for our children, that we maintain freedom of thought and research, in order to ensure, as much as possible, that our children do not suffer unexpected side-effects from any medical procedures, or environmental pollutions, or food additives, or drugs prescribed for various painful conditions.

    I therefore conceive of my position as one of true love and care for our children and grandchildren, a care that makes me willing to face ridicule and de-platforming, because it is what I conceive to be, to quote Pope Francis, an “act of love” to try to get to the truth on these matters.     

    Am I wrong?


    I just received this email:    

    Dear Doctor Robert,

    I believe No 9# is unavailable also. I was able to hear no 10#, almost immediately, and then it disappeared. Then I looked & only 1 to 5 were available. Then later I found 7#, and now 6, 7, and 8 are listed. For how long? I am not surprised. Thank you and Archbishop Viganò for these — from the bottom of my heart.

    Bitchute and Brighteon are good platforms.

    We need to build our community & these tapes will draw us together. That’s what they wish to stop.

    But the long isolation and loneliness I find myself in, is eroding my spirit. Although it will never rob me of my faith, which I will die for, I do feel daunted by the tribulations, now and to come.

    ?? Ruth Rose


    I replied to Ruth Rose:

    I appreciate your email to me very much, and send my encouragement — and wish to tell you this to encourage you:

    Do not allow your emotions to shake you.

    Mother Teresa of Calcutta said she felt emotions of abandonment, of blackness, of a dark night…

    The deepest truth is not emotional, it is faith based on assent of the will to reliable testimony, both of others, starting with parents and friends, and priests and evangelists, and confirmed by one’s own soul.

    So, do not be moved by emotions of isolation and loneliness… 

    Do not allow such emotions to erode your spirit! 

    By an act of will, recall that the victory has been won, recognize that we all face these difficulties, but all of us can be comforted by the “Good News” that Christ is truly Risen, conquering sin and death, and isolation and loneliness, and recall that the human person is capable of love and humility, and that the world, though under the sway of powerful forces, powers and principalities who foment and promote thoughts of isolation and loneliness and despair, is under the final authority of God, and that we are aided by recourse in prayer to Mary, the Mother of God.

    This physical world of air, and water, and sky, and trees, and the heavens above, is our temporary home. We are pilgrims on the way to our eternal home. The way has been taken by Christ, and by the Apostles, and by many witnesses. We can take this way, and continue to the end.

    God bless you, and keep you, and may His light shine upon you.


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