Feast of St. Matthew, author of the first of the four Gospels

    Matthew, the son of Alpheus (Mark 2:14) was a Galilean, although Eusebius informs us that he was a Syrian. As tax-gatherer at Capharnaum, he collected custom duties for Herod Antipas, and, although a Jew, was despised by the Pharisees, who hated all publicans. When summoned by Jesus, Matthew arose and followed Him and tendered Him a feast in his house, where tax-gatherers and sinners sat at table with Christ and His disciples. This drew forth a protest from the Pharisees whom Jesus rebuked in these consoling words: “I came not to call the just, but sinners.” (link)

    This feast day is one of the most significant feast days for Pope Francis. He has spoken often of its importance to him.

    On the feast day of St. Matthew in 1953, when Francis, born in December of 1936, was still 16 years old, he entered a church in Buenos Aires and had a type of mystical experience, physically experiencing the mercy of God descend upon him. (link, link, and link)

    Francis once said: “You asked me to share my memory – how it was – that first call on September 21st, 1953 – but I don’t know how it was: I know that, by chance, I walked into church, I saw a confessional, and I came out different.” (link)

    “For me this was an experience of encounter,” Pope Francis later recounted. Speaking at the Pentecost Vigil on 18 May 2013, the Pope said of that long-ago visit to the church, “I found that someone was waiting for me. Yet I do not know what happened, I can’t remember, I do not know why that particular priest was there whom I did not know, or why I felt this desire to confess, but the truth is that someone was waiting for me. He had been waiting for me for some time. After making my confession I felt something had changed. I was not the same. I had heard something like a voice, or a call. I was convinced that I should become a priest.” (link)

    Important Notification: We Are Moving from YouTube to Rumble

    We have posted the blocked Viganò Tape #10 on the Rumble platform at this link.

    This is the tape that YouTube decided to take down a few minutes after we posted it at 5 p.m. yesterday.

    We have also begun to post all the other published Viganò Tapes, #1 to #9, on the Rumble site.

    However, in addition to Rumble, we also intend to open channels on other sites in coming days, so that the tapes will appear in various place, and will not be able to be de-platformed all at once.

    We would not have shifted to Rumble, and prepared to go to other platforms, if YouTube had not taken down our video yesterday.

    In other words, we were compelled to take this action.

    Here is a link to video posted on YouTube in which I explain, very briefly, this decision: link to explanation.

    This video was filmed this evening near Washington D.C., where I had meetings today.

    It was filmed quickly, in haste, to communicate our decision.

    Please take a look at it.


    So… we will:

    (1) continue to post The Viganò Tapes, but not on YouTube, because we do not want to risk being completely removed from YouTube; so the first eight tapes will be left there, but they will all also be posted at…

    (2) our new site on Rumble where… over the next few days, we will post

    (3) The Viganò Tapes #11 to #18, and

    (4) We will be developing other channels on other platforms to ensure that we will not easily be de-platformed all at once.


    Meanwhile, I am continuing to write these Letters, and to publish our print magazine, Inside the Vatican, while preparing, as I said in a letter earlier today, to build a modest but entirely free space on the global internet to publish other, future interviews and information.


    We also intend to have a meeting in 13 days to develop our new Unitas project; it is scheduled for October 4 in the Shenandoah Valley. (Please write to me if you would like further information about this meeting.)

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    Letter from a reader

    I received this letter this evening from a 90-year-old American woman who called me this evening just a few minutes before I made the video from Washington, to encourage me to continue.

    Eleanor is the mother of many children, the grandmother of many more, and the great-grandmother of quite a few more. So she is a kind of “triple mother.” She has been a friend to me for many years, and since my own mother’s death in 2018, also a maternal figure for me:

    Dearest Bob,

    Thanks for picking up that phone and taking the time, at a very critical time of posting on Rumble, to let me share. 

    My thoughts, sentiments, respect and admiration for you and our common memories just had to put out there for you. You are one of my heroes! 

    Do not be discouraged by those who perhaps do not know or care about the fullness of the truth in all that is currently occurring. You are ever more our source and lend us encouragement as you present the “light” of the moment.

    May God keep you safe and WELL as you continue the fight for all of us. Viva Viganò!!

    Sending love,


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