New regulations to enter Vatican City have been issued (link)…

    In Rome today, the Vatican Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin issued a Decree of the Secretary of State on the Green pass in the Vatican City State which sets forth how the Vatican’s new requirement for everyone who enters the Vatican City State to show a “green pass” will be regulated.

    One note: the “green pass” will be required of everyone who works in the Vatican, but will not be required to attend liturgical services.

    Here is a Lifesitenews report by Pierre Boralevi on the announcement of the new regulations more than a week ago, on September 18:

    Vatican announces ‘Green Pass’ requirement for visitors as of October

    Monday, September 20, 2021, VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — The Vatican announced that a “green pass” will be required to access the city state as of October 1. This will apply to visitors as well as to staff, residents, and citizens. The pass will not be required to attend liturgical services.

    The ordinance was issued on Saturday by the President of the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State, Card. Giuseppe Bertello, and stipulates that from October 1, access to Vatican City will only be granted to persons holding the Vatican or European “green pass” or any foreign certification proving vaccination, recovery or a negative COVID test result. The ordinance states that this measure applies to all visitors as well as citizens, residents and workers “regardless of their title.”

    One notable exception applies for people wishing to attend Masses and other liturgical services, as long as their stay doesn’t extend beyond the duration of the service, and that all other COVID guidelines are respected as explained in the document:

    An exception is made for those wishing to participate in liturgical celebrations, only for the time strictly necessary to carry out the service and without prejudice to the current health regulations on social distancing, the use of personal protective equipment, circulation or gathering restrictions, and on the adoption of specific hygiene rules.

    In his ordinance, Bertello recalls that during an audience on September 7, Pope Francis stated that “it is necessary to ensure the health and well-being of the working community while respecting the dignity, rights and fundamental freedoms of all its members,” asking the Governorate to “issue this ordinance in order to adopt all appropriate measures to prevent, control, and combat the current public health crisis in progress in the Vatican City State…”

    The document also states that the Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City has been put in charge of controlling access to the Vatican.

    This ordinance is only the latest development in a series of measures aimed at consistently enforcing vaccine mandates in the city state under the leadership of Pope Francis, who is a well-known supporter of essentially universal vaccination.

    Back in January, in an interview with Italian television station Canale 5, Pope Francis had opined that “everyone” must take the COVID-19 vaccine: “I believe that, ethically, everyone should take the vaccine.” He later mandated vaccination for all Vatican citizens.

    Only last month, the Argentine pontiff released a video urging people to get vaccinated without mentioning the connection of the vaccines to abortion or to thousands of deaths (…) after their use to such official channels as Europe’s EnduraVigilance and the U.S.’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Service (VAERS).

    The Mysterious Spartacus Letter

    Spartacus (111 B.C. – 71 B.C.) — so he lived approximately 100 years before Jesus — was a Thracian gladiator who led the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

    Spartacus and his fellow slaves were defeated and executed by crucifixion.

    Spartacus lost.

    But his name has become synonymous with the cry of the oppressed and the defeated who nevertheless do not betray one another, and die with great dignity.

    In the scene below from the film Spartacus, starring Kirk Douglas, the defeated Spartacus is about to give himself up in order to save the rest of his slave companions from execution, when all of defeated slaves rise to their feet, one by one, and cry out “I am Spartacus!”

    Thus to say or write “I am Spartacus” has become synonymous with saying one is a slave, but wishes to be free.

    Since the revolt is repressed and all of the slaves are crucified in the end, the conclusion we may draw is that true freedom is not something for most now, in this world, but only after death… in eternity.


    Anyway, quite a few readers, in various corners of the internet, in the past few days, have been reading a long, complicated, very difficult to understand essay/letter by an anonymous writer who has given himself the name “Spartacus.”

    It is called “The Spartacus Letter.”

    A friend sent me the text of the letter today, via The Automatic Earth website. It has also been published on Lew Rockwell‘s website: (link)

    This is how Raúl Ilargi Meijer presents the text on The Automatic Earth website:

    “This is an anonymously posted document by someone who calls themselves(sic) Spartacus. Because it’s anonymous, I can’t contact them(sic) to ask for permission to publish. So I hesitated for a while, but it’s simply the best document I’ve seen on Covid, vaccines, etc. Whoever Spartacus is, they(sic) have a very elaborate knowledge in “the field.” If you want to know a lot more about the no. 1 issue in the world today, read it. And don’t worry if you don’t understand every single word, neither do I. But I learned a lot.”

    [Note: From the use of the words “themselves,” “them,” and “they,” it seems that the author may be a team of men and women, perhaps a team of doctors or scientists — in this case, “Spartacus” would be more than one man.]


    I intended to simply post a link to the text, and all of the footnotes.

    But when I typed in the link to the original document, the original “Spartacus Letter,” at this link, I saw the message “404, this document has been deleted.”

    And I cannot find anywhere where entire text with all the footnotes is available.(!)

    Therefore, I am posting this link to the entire text as it appears on The Automatic Earth website — though the number so the footnotes seem to have been stripped out, making it rather difficult to double-check the text against the footnotes.

    The text is very long, and perhaps only one or two of you will have the interest and stamina to work your way through it.

    Do I think the text is reliable? A hoax?

    I cannot answer, because I have not checked all the footnotes.

    But if it is a hoax, someone went to a lot of trouble to put it all together — hours and hours of work, i would say — and then someone else seems to have made an effort to delete the text from the internet…


    Just now I came across a link to the entire text, with all the footnotes: link

    The Spartacus Letter is also posted on the financial website, Zerohedge.

    I am not posting the whole text here.

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